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DDR5-4800 Memory From GeIL Selling for a Crazy $350 on Newegg, 5.5x More than DDR4-3200

The first DDR5 memory kit is now on sale on Newegg (already out of stock at the time of writing). GeIL’s Polaris RGB Sync consisting of two DDR5-4800 16GB DIMMs (288-pin) is priced at an insane $350. And it’s not even much faster than standard DDR4 kits. This kit runs at a default memory clock of 2400 MHz (4800 MT/s) with a CAS latency of 40 ms.

In comparison, DDR4-3200 memory modules with a CAS latency of under 20 ms cost just over $50. We’re looking at nearly six times the price for this DDR5-4800 kit. Even overclocked DDR4-4000 memory costs around $200 with much tighter timings.

This falls in line with what was reported a while back regarding the advantages (dis) of DDR5 memory on Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake platform. You can read that below:

  • Intel’s Alder Lake processors, the first consumer CPUs to support the next-gen memory are slated to launch early next month. However, according to industry sources, most users will want to stick to the DDR4 supported motherboards.
  • Firstly, the Alder Lake processors paired with DDR5-5400 (and below) won’t really have an appreciable advantage over their DDR4 counterparts.
  • Only faster modules (DDR5-6400 and above) will make a notable difference in the end performance, and these are going to cost a pretty penny.
  • Furthermore, since the memory latency of initial DDR5 kits will be fairly high (CL35+), the gaming performance might just be lower than the DDR4 paired SKUs (if not identical).

Source: YuuKi_ANs

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