BTC Dice: What Is It and Where To Play It?

“Gambling” is necessary in moderation. Unfortunately, the seasoned King of England Henry VIII was never told about this. Probably, the blood of this monarch was boiling with excitement ― otherwise, it is difficult to explain how he managed to lose the bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral at dice.

Such a legend illustrates one thing – we can be absolutely happy that cryptocurrency casinos make it possible to play dice on Satoshi ― the smallest particles of BTC dice. Gambling of this kind is unlikely to hit your pocket.

Nowadays you can easily find sites offering sports betting or bingo that can also be played with bitcoins. In addition to this cloud currency, you can play TRX dice.

Most likely, in the process of finding a place to play bitcoin dice, difficulties will not arise. However, our experts have prepared specific instructions for the games. All of them will help to understand the subtleties of gambling and move with confident steps towards winnings.

Main Points of BTC Dice

Bitcoin Dice is the simplest gambling game. In fact, the rules boil down to two things:

  • you choose any amount of Bitcoins you want to bet;
  • you place a bet using a number between 1 and 100, trying to guess whether the number that falls out will be higher or lower than your bet.

Experienced players appreciate BTC dice for the typical advantages of cryptocurrency:

  • gambling via an anonymous account;
  • not expensive and nimble transactions;
  • Provably fair games.

Why BTC Is So Popular In Gambling

This question worries crowds of people. There is a great variety of currencies today, but still, bitcoins remain the most popular and up-to-date among others.

One of the great features of this type of deposit is that it can be used from almost anywhere. Since this is a decentralized system, it does not work from any particular country, this network covers the whole world, and anyone who wants to use it just needs to get a wallet. Even if you are in a jurisdiction where several banking options work, you can always rely on this option, regardless of where you live.

TOP Best Crypto Casinos to Play BTC

Can’t wait to play? Below you will see some great resources for Bitcoin dice.

Website Description
Crypto-Games.net There is a chat on the site with several hundred users online. The platform offers players a usual provably fair dice as well as a referral system in case you want to call friends.
PrimerDice From the very beginning, the player receives 0.00000100 BTC free ― the first impressions of the process are available without any deposits. Online is very decent: it is difficult to catch the moment when the user counter on the site drops below two thousand.
SatoshiDice Authorization takes place automatically. There you can also set a password, two-factor authentication, and other charms. It will appeal to those who do not like chats too much and prefer quiet simplicity.

Our Verdict

We suppose that BTC dice will become the most promising way of additional earnings. Of course, you should rely only on those casino platforms that provide safety and confidence.

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