ASUS: Cryptominers Have Stopped Buying GPUs, Now Demand from Gamers is Keeping Prices High

After two years of abominable prices and scalping, the GPU market has finally returned to some level of normalcy. Board partners are bracing for the inevitable drop in revenue (even though they may not outright state it), a repetition of what happened after the last crypto-boom. ASUS, a major AIB partner of both NVIDIA and AMD shared its outlook on the situation during its Q1 earnings call the other day. According to the OEM, GPU demand from cryptominers has all but dissolved, and market prices have started to normalize.

Because the demand for cryptocurrency mining on GPU shipments has been slowly coming down, the demand for graphics cards across the market is normalizing.

Because the demand from cryptocurrency is disappearing, it’s made us wonder if the pricing for GPUs will also normalize. In reality, the demand for gaming is still strong, so we still don’t think we can necessarily meet all of the demand.

ASUS via PCMag

At the same time, the company expects prices to drop gradually rather than plummet all of a sudden. ASUS expects demand to stay strong as much of the graphics card inventory now goes to gamers rather than profit-driven miners. As a downside, this means that AIBs will continue to make loads of money without having to reset GPU prices in one go.


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