Analysts Expect AMD’s Server Market Share to Grow to 25% in 2022: More than Doubling in 12-18 Months

According to BofA analyst Vivek Arya, AMD’s server processor share should breach the 25% mark next year ahead of the Zen 4 (Genoa/Raphael) launch. For reference, the company accounted for just 10-11% of the overall market share near the end of the first quarter of FY21. This means that Su’s team is headed for a phenomenal growth rate of more than 2x in the next 12-18 months, as Intel delays the launch of its Sapphire Rapids-SP to H1 2022.

Arya noted that AMD’s supercomputing business has grown by five times in the last 12 months, reaching a share of 10%, driving an EPS of $4 versus the $2.65 consensus estimates for 2022. As seen over the last few years, the red roadmap has been very consistent with the timely execution of various product lineups, a stark contrast to rival Intel’s tidings.

The analyst expects AMD’s stock to grow 20% and 10% in 2021 and 2022, respectively alongside Broadcom, Teradyne, Analog Devices, and Qorvo.

Via: AMD, Qorvo named among ‘under-the-radar’ semiconductor stocks at BofA (NASDAQ:AMD) | Seeking Alpha

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