AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Mobile Processors will Offer Gaming Performance Comparable to the PS5 with RDNA 2 iGPUs [Rumor]

AMD is reportedly working hard to expand its APU market. The launch of the Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” processors was the first step in this lengthy task. Featuring up to 12 CUs @ 2.4GHz paired with a large L2 cache and super-fast LPDDR5 memory, the Radeon RX 680M iGPU on the Ryzen 7/9 parts offers nearly the same level of FP32 compute throughput as the Xbox Series S and the PS4 Pro.

With the next-gen Ryzen 7000 mobile processors codenamed Phoneix, AMD is taking a step further in this endeavor. According to RedGamingTech, these chips will be paired with powerful iGPUs packing as many as 24 CUs based on the RDNA 2 graphics architecture. At the very least, you can be sure of an APU with over 16 CUs.

A Phoenix APU with that many graphics shaders should easily beat the Xbox Series S, and even offer performance comparable to the PS5. The latter offers a peak FP32 throughput of 10.29 TFLOPs while the PS4 Pro tops out at 4.18 TFLOPs. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S manages just 4 TFLOPs. The Radeon RX 680M on the Ryzen 6000 range is rated at 3.68 TFLOPs. An RDNA 2 iGPU featuring 16 and 24 CUs would result in an FP32 output of 4.5 and 6.75 TFLOPs, respectively. That’s within range of the PS5, and with FSR/RSR enabled, it would certainly be on par with Sony’s console.

Via: WCCFTech


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