AMD’s First Hybrid Core (big.LITTLE) CPU Allegedly Spotted: 2 Big and 4 Small Cores

AMD’s first hybrid core (big.LITTLE) processors are allegedly being tested internally with the codename “Phoenix 2”. Spotted by @InstLatX64, we’re looking at a hex-core CPU with 1MB of cache and 16GB of memory. The hybrid-core chip features two high-performance (Zen 4) and four nerfed cores. Unlike Intel’s Gracemont, we’re not looking at a separate architecture, merely lower-clocked cores with less cache (Zen 4c?).

Unlike Intel’s design, the small/efficiency cores feature the same instructions as their larger counterparts. Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) is also supported across both sets of cores. The primary difference will be in terms of die area. It’s unclear whether we’re looking at Zen 4c or another customized variant of the Zen 4 core, but the cache has been trimmed.

The iGPU on Phoenix 2 has also been nerfed. Standard Phoenix mobile SoCs will feature up to 12 RDNA 3 CUs. Phoenix 2 is expected to bring that number down by half to just 8 CUs. Both mobile processor families will be fabbed on TSMC’s N4 (4nm) process node for increased power efficiency and extended battery life.

Areej Syed

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