AMD to Launch Three 600 Series Chipsets for Ryzen 7000 CPUs, Only One to Support PCIe Gen 5

AMD will be launching a total of three 600 series chipsets at Computex 2022 for the upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors. In addition to the expected B650 and X670 chipsets, an X670E (E for Extreme) part will be launched as well. The latter will be identical to the standard X670 with one primary difference: PCIe Gen 5 support. All X670E motherboards will come with PCIe 5.0 support for both the GPU and NVMe slots. The X670 chipset on the other hand will be limited to Gen 4 just like the X570. Similarly, B650 will also lack PCIe Gen 5 support, and will likely be available via the CPU.

According to TPU, the X670/X670E chipset will actually be a dual-chiplet design featuring two Promontory 21 chipsets while the B650 boards will consist of just one. Like the previous two generations, ASMedia remains AMD’s primary chipset partner.

Credits: TechPowerUp


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