AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs Allegedly 25-27% Faster than Ryzen 5000 in Single Threaded Workloads and Gaming?

AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 7000 processors are all set to launch in late September with sampling already underway. Leveraging the Zen 4 core microarchitecture and TSMC’s 5nm N5 process node for the compute chiplets, these chips will mark the release of the fifth family based on the Zen architecture. Initial performance claims from AMD put the Raphael CPUs over 15% ahead of Vermeer in single-threaded workloads, courtesy of a 10% IPC uplift, increased core bandwidth, and beefed-up clocks.

However, more recent leaks make the Ryzen 7000 processors look much more impressive. According to Greymon55 (a tipster with a flawless track record), the Zen 4 client CPUs will be 25-27% faster than their predecessors in single-threaded workloads. That’s roughly the same as the generation-over-generation upgrade brought by Zen 3 back in 2020.


We know that Zen 4 will bring an IPC uplift of up to 10% with the operating core clocks going up by nearly 1GHz. Pair that with the doubled L2 cache and the enhancements brought about by the AM5 platform, and that 25% figure looks very plausible. Since gaming workloads are also lightly threaded, you can reasonably expect Raphael to boost frame rates by 20-30%. It looks like AMD will be a gamer favorite this cycle with Intel getting cozier with content creators and professionals.


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