AMD Ryzen 7 7840U 85% Faster than Intel’s 11th Gen i7-1165G7 in AVX512 at Half the Power

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 mobile processors had a delayed launch but are shaping up to be solid notebook parts. This is the first time the Ryzen chips feature more advanced instructions than their Intel rivals. Yes, we’re talking about AVX512 instructions here, and as per tests conducted by Phoronix, AMD now has a clear advantage in this workload.

Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake and 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors compete against AMD’s Zen 4-based Ryzen 7 7840U in multiple AVX512 loads. The latter achieves a major victory, vastly outclassing the Core i7 SKUs. We’re talking about an 85% lead over the Core i7-1165G7 when AVX512 is enabled. That’s significantly more than the delta between them with AVX256.

Now, here’s the kicker. The Ryzen 7 7840U stays well within its spec TDP limits when running AVX512 code. In this test, it averaged 16W with a peak of 31W, the same as its AVX256 power profile. In comparison, the Core i7-1165G7 consumes nearly 30W on average and a maximum of 63W and 76W with and without AVX512, respectively.

It’s worth noting that Intel’s board partners initially allowed users to enable AVX512 on the 12th Gen Alder Lake chips using a firmware loophole. The chipmaker responded by physically disabling AVX512 on client platforms, locking it out for good. Since then, AVX512 has remained exclusive to server chips, making Tiger Lake the only notebook lineup to support it.

There are no signs that Intel will enable AVX512 on its 14th Gen Meteor Lake or 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors. For now, 512-bit instructions will remain exclusive to AMD’s Ryzen 7000 family in the client space.


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