AMD Ryzen 5000 XT (Warhol?) Reportedly Launching in the First Half of 2022, 5nm Zen 4 to Start Sampling in 2021

According to the well-known source on AMD hardware @greymon55, the company will be launching the Zen 3 XT (Ryzen 5000 XT) processors codenamed Warhol sometime in the first half of 2022. Like Ryzen 3000 XT, Zen 3 XT will be an incremental improvement over Zen 3. The primary changes expected include increased boost clocks, refined (6nm) node, and bug fixes. The launch of Warhol/Zen 3 XT should lead to a drop in the prices of the vanilla Ryzen 5000 processors, making them more competitive against Alder Lake. 

Furthermore, @Kepler reports that the next-gen 5nm Zen 4 processors should start shipping to select customers (sampling) in the coming months. These will likely be the Genoa server variants as that platform usually takes precedence over the client and consumer offerings.

Finally, the complete list of AMD products slated to launch in 2022 includes the following:

  • ZEN3D: 7nm Zen 3 with stacked V-Cache (up to 192MB).
  • ZEN3XT: Zen 3 refresh with increased boost clocks, better stability and bug fixes.
  • ZEN3+(Rembrandt): 6nm Zen 3 APU with RDNA 2 iGPU (12CUs).
  • Mobile RDNA2 refresh
  • ZEN4: 5nm Zen 4 core powering the Ryzen 6000 and Epyc Genoa parts.
  • RDNA3: Next-gen Radeon architecture with MCM design on the higher-end (Radeon RX 7000).


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