AMD Adrenaline 21.6.1 Driver Fixes High Idle Power Draw: 30W to 8W

AMD’s Adrenaline 21.6.1 driver adds support for the much anticipated open-source Super Resolution upsampling technology. However, it also included a bunch of other fixes such as the one aimed at improving the performance of certain Radeon GPUs in Destiny 2, driver support for Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, and a few FreeSync freezing issues.

Users have also reported that this driver fixes the excessive idle power consumption of mobile GPUs. As per reports, the idle power draw of Navi parts has dropped from 30W all the way to 8W, putting it on par with rival GeForce offerings with Max-Q enabled.

We haven’t been able to confirm this due to the lack of RDNA 2 mobile parts on the market but will update the post if we get any additional info on the matter.


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