2x NVIDIA Gamers are Using Ray Tracing on the RTX 40 GPUs Compared to the RTX 20 Series

When NVIDIA launched the RTX 20 series GPUs in 2018, its primary features (ray-tracing and DLSS) were limited and poorly implemented. According to the chipmaker’s internal figures, only 43% of RTX 20 series owners used ray tracing while 68% used DLSS. The user interest in ray tracing grew by a marginal 13% with the launch of the RTX 30 series cards as DLSS usage grew to 71%.

The RTX 40 series launch happened at a time when every upcoming title features ray-tracing and DLSS. The latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 introduces path-tracing which is something only the Ada Lovelace GPUs can run (satisfactorily). The use of DLSS 3 with path tracing pushes the framerate from just 13 FPS to over 80 FPS at 4K.

NVIDIA’s latest figures indicate that nearly every RTX 40 series user (83%) is taking advantage of ray-tracing and DLSS. While the technologies have certainly matured, there are also plenty of titles supporting them. A total of 400 games and applications now feature ray-tracing and/or DLSS.


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