14 Core/20 Thread Intel Alder Lake Mobile CPU Spotted w/ 16GB DDR5-4800 Memory

A 14-core/20-thread Alder Lake-P mobile processor has surfaced over at the much-dreaded Userbenchmark database (for the first, or perhaps the second time). The CPU in question was powering a Gigabyte Aorus 17 notebook, making it a high-end offering even if you don’t consider the 14-core SKU. We’re likely looking at the Core i7-12700H/12800H, or possibly the Core i9-12900H, both of which are going to be part of the Alder Lake-P H45 product stack, aimed at the high-end mobile gaming market.

Out of the 14-cores, six are likely high-performance Golden Cove cores with SMT (hyper-threading) while the remaining eight will be the low-power Gracemont cores (lacking SMT), resulting in the unusual overall thread count of 20. The CPU has a base clock of 1.2GHz and a boost of 1.75GHz, but we’re almost certainly going to see it increase to over 4.5GHz by the time of release.

The memory features four DDR5-4800 SODIMMs (out of a total of 8) which is likely just a misread as the next-generation of DDR memory comes with dual-channel support per module. As such, we’re looking at a total of four slots, out of which two are populated.

Other than that, the notebook features a 4K display and was tested in Taiwan using Windows 10.

Source: Userbench (via: VCZ)

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