Your Guide to Everything You Need to Become a Gaming Streamer

Becoming an influencer is fast becoming one of the most lucrative careers for creatives, and the most lucrative genre is by far …toys. But right after that comes gaming. If you’re interested in streaming, you can take a look at our guide to see what it takes.

Gaming PC/laptop

This one is a given, but unfortunately, you’ll need a PC to stream from. Consoles have tried releasing webcams, with dodgy connections and even worse pictures, but the gimmick toy wasn’t a big seller, and have somewhat faded into obscurity. And that was last gen. The latest generation of consoles don’t seem to have bothered trying in that department, so the natural choice is to work from a PC if you intend to stream.

It’s more convenient anyway. You have everything in one machine, which you can always tell your SO you’re doing your work from (ha ha) and start streaming once you clock out.

And gaming PCs and laptops have a sliding scale when it comes to price. You can build your PC from used parts to start with and replace everything as time goes on if your income permits it. The best brand for gaming PCs and laptops is Razer, since they are designed for it and carry a massive amount of power and memory, which are the two things you’re most looking for to handle all your games.

A console

Of course, if you’re a console gamer at heart, we’re not going to deprive you of the opportunity. There is the option to hook up your console to your PC, or at the very least hook up a controller to your PC so that you can play in comfort if being a keyboard player doesn’t suit you. You can even hook up your phone and play casino phone games during your stream.

Unfortunately, the chip shortage is still somewhat going on. Thanks, Covid. This means that getting a hold of the new generation consoles is harder than it should be. The Xbox X and Xbox S are less affected by this, so you might get lucky, but you might also be met with a few “sold out” signs. The same goes for the PS5, which was badly affected by the chip shortage.

However, if you’re going to invest in a next generation console, now is the time to do it. You can bet the second the Halloween decorations come down, PS5s, Xboxes and even Nintendo Switches will fly off the shelves, having had a massive invoice from Santa.


The fact of the matter is that the ears are more sensitive than the eyes. It’s why it’s perfectly acceptable to have your phone out while you’re “watching the TV”. Context clues picked up by the ears handle everything else – and crucially, it’s why something can sound old fashioned. Think of vinyl addicts and that “quality” they’re hunting for.

The point is, when it comes to streaming, fans will tolerate a bad picture but not a bad sound. You want a decent microphone that will stay crisp and clear so that if you say something stupid it’s definitely your own fault.

The good news there is that a lot of mics, ranging in quality, are pretty affordable. You don’t have to drop a lot of money on a microphone, but you do have to make sure you’ve got a good one for the same amount of money. Look at reviews and take recommendations. If you have the option, test them out.


By comparison, a webcam can be, and often isn’t, the pinnacle of high resolution. Streamers of all backgrounds have shoddy webcams. Think Hasan Piker and Adin Ross, who do everything in front of a webcam that looks like a snowstorm is blowing through their room.

However, in saying that, the best way to stand out in that situation is to get a webcam that offers a great resolution, so your fans can see every element of your meltdown clearly when you lose. 

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