You Can Now Manually Update to DLSS 2.2 in Games w/ Older Implementations

Modder Brad Moore has created a tool called “DLSS swapper” that allows you to change the associated dll file in games with older implementations of the technology, thereby allowing a simple upgrade to the latest version of the AI-based upscaler. The utility checks whether a given game supports DLSS, and replaces the nvngx_dlss.dll files (from the TechPowerUp database) as per the user’s selection.

Keep in mind that not all games will react positively to this tweak, as developers usually have to test the DLSS implementation manually, and make adjustments to the renderer. You may run into ghosting, artifacts, and other bugs, especially in older games. This is especially true for titles with DLSS 1.x implementations. Unlike the present solution, the initial variants of DLSS didn’t feature temporal feedback, and as such, may simply crash upon replacing the dll with the newer version.

Not much that can go wrong, other than a crash or graphics artifacts. If nothing works, you can simply revert to the default version, so I would suggest trying it out if the vanilla implementation of DLSS in any particular game isn’t to your liking.


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