Xiaomi Expected to Launch Affordable Redmi Notebooks Powered by AMD’s Ryzen 4000 APUs

In rather interesting news, it has been revealed that Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will soon launch its next-generation of Redmi Notebooks (Redmibooks) with AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile processors. This won’t be the first time Xiaomi will be working with AMD. The company’s previous-generation of Redmibooks also has a Ryzen Edition which leverage the 3000 series Picasso APUs.

Xiaomi is known for its budget smartphones and that’s probably why it opted for AMD’s 7nm chips. They cost the OEMs notably less than rival Intel parts, and considering the already low profit margins, it was the logical choice. Fortunately for Xiaomi, AMD’s newest notebook processors are not only faster than the competing Intel Ice Lake offerings but are also more (if not as much) power efficient. Not only do you get twice as many cores with AMD’s Renoir APUs, but the accompanying integrated graphics are also more capable. The Xiaomi CEO has already confirmed these reports and the official launch should come soon enough.


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