XFX Reportedly Selling Radeon GPUs Directly to Miners in China

As per a report from MyDrivers, XFX has been selling Radeon graphics cards directly to miners in China, bypassing most retailers in the process. The parts being sold to crypto-miners include the older Polaris GPUs such as the RX 580 and 590 as well as the newer Navi-based RX 5600 XT and 5700 XT.

As a result of this, AMD’s graphics cards are out of stock at most stores, with retailers unsure about future inventory. Apparently, XFX received these chips from AMD and directly sold them to the miners, branding them as “mining cards”.

There’s no clear word on whether the other AMD partners are doing the same, but considering how hard it is to find stock, it’s highly likely. We’ve already reached out to AMD regarding the same and will update the post accordingly.


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