Xbox Series X|S was the Best Console Launch for Microsoft in India

The Xbox Series X|S launch in India was the most positive of all Xbox launches to date. Microsoft said this in a comment to IGN India, stating that there’s been overwhelming demand from the country and that it remains one of the world’s largest gaming markets and a key area of growth for Xbox. While the sales of the Xbox Series S was pretty impressive, it’s far from one of the largest gaming markets in terms of hardware sales.

India is still out of the list of the top-ten largest gaming markets in terms of revenue which includes countries like Italy, Spain, South Korea, France, and Canada. However, the country is one of the fastest-growing gaming markets for eSports and other related events.

We’ve seen overwhelming demand from our fans for our new Xbox consoles. The Indian gaming audience is one of the world’s biggest gaming markets and remains a key growth area for the Xbox business. The interest and enthusiasm we are seeing from fans locally is a testament to the growth of gaming in the Indian region and the appetite for newer, different, world-class experiences. We’re pleased to share that the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S was the most successful in our history

Xbox Spokesperson to IGN

Of course, Microsoft didn’t share the sales figures of the Series X or S consoles for the Indian subcontinent, but as already reported the other day, the Series S was easily one of the most popular consoles for the month of March in India.

This means that Xbox has been paying more and more attention to the Indian market despite Sony having an absolute monopoly in the region. It should directly translate into better regional pricing, stocks, and more deals for Indian gamers. For reference, the Xbox Series S is presently priced slightly north of 30K in India while the PS5 was launched at 50K (Now 60K+), with only a few select retailers having stock at the moment.


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