Xbox Series X|S Sold up to 1.4 million Units on Launch Day: 40% More than the XO

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X|S consoles have set a new record by being the largest console launch in the history of the Xbox. Although MS didn’t provide any solid figures, according to preliminary estimates, the Series X and S together sold up to 1. ( 4 million units.

In comparison, the Xbox One which previously held the record for the biggest launch sold around 1 million units on the first day of sales. You’re looking at a gain of roughly 30-40% in launch day sales, despite the supply being very limited, and most stores reporting zero stock within minutes if not seconds.

The Series X, unsurprisingly, sold more than the Series S, with nearly a million units (800K-900K) on the first day of launch. The Series S sold half as much, with an estimate of nearly 500K units (400-475K).

As you can imagine, the US was the largest market for Microsoft, responsible for the bulk of sales. Both the consoles sold 700-800K units in the States, while NA and SA bring that total up to nearly 900K (up to 870K).

In Europe, the sales figures were roughly between 340K to 400K units: that’s half as much as the US sales numbers. We expect these numbers to increase by a good margin as supplies are replenished in the coming weeks.



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