Xbox Series X’s Slightly Powerful GPU (Compared to the PS5) Won’t Make a Significant Impact on Most Games: Dirt 5 Dev

In terms of raw processing power, the Xbox Series X offers slightly higher graphics performance compared to the Sony PS5, but certain developers believe that this won’t really have a significant impact on the final result.

As per Dirt 5’s lead designer, Mike Moreton, the development and gameplay elements, won’t be impacted much by the Series X’s edge in GPU horsepower, although the tuning and optimization process will be relatively easier.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Moreton said:

From development and gameplay perspectives, it doesn’t really have an impact. When it comes to tuning, tweaking, and optimizations at the end of a game, it might mean slightly less work for one platform.

To an extent, Moreton isn’t wrong. The differences in the specifications of the two consoles aren’t enough to affect the overall performance by much. Both use the RDNA 2 GPU and Zen 2 CPU architectures, and in the end, the actual differences will come down to the API and software-level support.

MS has a strong API in the form of DX12 Ultimate which is being used both on PC and the Xbox Series X/S, while Sony uses its own proprietary platform. The former already includes support for a slew of optimizations such as VRS, mesh shading, sampler feedback, DirectStorage, DirectML, DXR, etc.

Although the PS5 is already supporting some of the above optimizations, quite a few are either missing or not public at the moment. As already explained in an earlier post, software and API support will be the deciding factor when it comes to the performance next-gen consoles.

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