The Xbox Series X Sold Out in Just Over 20 Minutes on Amazon UK

Following the fate of the PS5 and the GeForce RTX 3080, the XBox Series X also seems to be selling like hotcakes across all major retailers. The Series X reportedly sold out in less than 20 minutes on Amazon UK, with other competing store showing similar signs.

The pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and S began at around 8nm which resulted in the Amazon site going down as soon as the page went up. By 8:20 am, the console was already out of stock with Amazon labeling it as “currently unavailable”.

Other retailers such as Smyths and Game had similar problems. As soon as the pre-orders started, both sites crashed. Gamers had to contend with a login queue of more than an hour at Game while at Smyths, the page wouldn’t even open. Meanwhile, Currys saw more than 10K gamers in line to pre-order Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console.


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