Xbox Series X All Set for Launch in China in April

Microsoft is all set to launch the Xbox Series X|S in China next month, with all regional certifications sorted. Although a launch date or pricing hasn’t been announced yet, the announcement is expected to come next month followed by the launch. The company has a new post on Weibo teasing the launch of its next console. It states the following: “Waiting for gamers, ready to go”.

Earlier yesterday, multiple Chinese retailers including Alibaba Taobao removed the international variants of the Xbox Series X|S, anticipating the launch of the regional version of the console. Nintendo launched the regional version of the Switch in collaboration with Tencent late last year and has already reached the 1 million unit sales figure in the country.

Sony is also expected to launch the PS5 console in mainland China in the coming months, with the announcement slated for Q2 2021 as per sources. The launch of regional variants of the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch all within quick succession of one another is expected to reduce the popularity of modified versions of the same devices in the grey market which happens to be a relatively large business.

According to rumors, the Xbox Series X will be priced around RMB 4,000 while the Series S will cost approximately RMB 2,500 in China.



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