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Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Expansion May Cost $220

As per a GameStop listing, the SSD expansion for the Xbox Series X may cost over $200. In a world where open-world games are over 100GB, this is a matter of concern for gamers as the stock 1TB of storage is sure to fill up fast. Considering that both the next-gen consoles will support 4K in some form, we’re likely to see much larger game assets as well.


In the PC market, budget TLC NAND based NVMe drives cost less than $100, with the newer PCIe 4 based drives with 1TB storage starting just above $150. Considering that, this price looks very realistic. However, with the increasing adoption of QLC based SSDs, prices in the PC market should drop in the coming months. It’ll be interesting to see whether the consoles follow the same trend.


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