Xbox Series S “Lockhart” Spotted in Microsoft Game Dev Kit for June 2020

At this point, it’s almost certain that Microsoft will be launching a second “Series S” console alongside the Xbox Series X codenamed Lockhart. It’ll be a cheaper alternative to the Series X (Anaconda), with a focus on Digital-Only content and possibly streaming. A while back, certain rumors stated that the Series S could cost as low as $200, although we’re skeptical about that. Regardless, Lockhart is coming and it won’t be long before the official announcement. The latest Microsoft Game Devkit for the month of June explicitly mentions the Series S and Lockhart, alongside the Series X (Anaconda):

Interestingly, this little snippet mentions console modes for the next-gen Xbox lineup. As you can see, the Series X Dev Kit will support both the default mode as well as the One S mode while the latter will only have the default option. The Scarlett Dev Kit will allow profiling of both Lockhart (Series S) as well as Anaconda (Series X), plus its own default mode.

These updates are part of the latest June 2020 Game Dev Kit and it shouldn’t be long before Microsoft officially lifts the wraps off the Series S. The only variable now is the pricing. How much of a premium does MS charge for the Series X over the S remains to be seen.



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