Xbox Series S (Lockhart) CPU to be Faster than PS5’s, GPU w/ 20 CUs and Ray-Tracing Support

According to sources, Microsoft’s lower-end Xbox Series S (Lockhart), slated to be announced later this month will have a CPU faster than the PS5. By faster, we’re likely looking at higher clocks, by around 100 to 200MHz. However, considering how overclocking affects gaming performance on the Ryzen 3000 chips, I’d say that won’t have a notable impact on real-world performance.

Moving on, the GPU specs for Lockhart were also indicated. We’re looking at just 20 CUs or 1,280 stream processors (shaders) for Lockhart. This pretty much confirms that the Series S will be primarily limited to 1080p 60 FPS, with 1440p 30 FPS in certain titles with upscaling. The report also claims that Lockhart will come with ray-tracing support, but looking at these specs it’s clear that it’ll be a hybrid solution similar to that used by the Unreal Engine 5.

The Unreal 5 Demo on the PS5 Used Software Ray-Tracing Similar to ReShade’s Ray-Tracing Shader (Ray Traced GI)

The higher-end Series X (codenamed Anaconda) is going to be roughly 2-2.5x faster than Lockhart with 52 CUs pulsating at 1.825GHz (static clock). Expect a price no less than $500-600 for Series X with the Series S likely to cost around $399.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S to Reportedly Debut in Late July

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