Xbox Series S Could be Priced half as Much as the XSX: ~$200

According to sources, Microsoft may launch the Xbox Series S console, the Digital Edition meant for streaming for as low as $200. This will supposedly be the third console of the next-gen Xbox lineup, with the top-end Series X with an optical disk costing around $500, the disk-less variant at $400 and the streaming low-cost solution for a meager $200.

A while back, MS registered the Xbox Series trademark indicating an impending Series S launch. This console will reportedly called Lockhart and succeed the existing Xbox One S.

The PS5 Standard Edition is likely going to be priced at $599 with the Digital Edition following shortly behind at $499. This should allow MS to price the XSX $100 lower while still staying in the green, with an ultra-budget option at just $200. It’ll be interesting to see if Sony reacts to the Xbox Series S or not.



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