Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X India Pricing Out: Makes the RTX 3070/3080 Even More Tempting

Microsoft recently announced India pricing for the Xbox Series X and the recently-revealed Xbox Series S. Sadly, India price inflation almost completely eradicates the Xbox Series S and Series X value proposition.

At $499 (the US pricing for the Xbox Series X), customers are getting a great deal with an 8-core Zen 2 CPU, plenty of memory, a blazing-fast SSD, and that 12 TFLOP GPU. Sadly, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is listed in India at a price of Rs. 34,990. The Xbox Series X, in contrast, sells for an unappealing Rs. 49,990. This is just Rs. 2,000 less than the sticker price for the GeForce RTX 3070, a significantly faster GPU. At present, we don’t know much about pricing for AMD’s Big Navi RX 6000 lineup. However, in light of NVIDIA’s price-performance play with Ampere, we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar pricing on the 6000 series. What does this mean for Indian gamers?

If you have a PC of literally any type at home right now the RTX 3070 or Big Navi could offer better performance (assuming you have a decent power supply). And, thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to crossplay, you won’t even miss out on first-party Xbox exclusives. If you want to see Craig the Brute in full 4K glory, you might want to stick with PC this generation unless pricing becomes substantially more competitive.


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