Xbox One X Sales Jump by 747% on Amazon as Series X Runs out of Stock

As the Xbox Series X was cleared out of stores by impatient gamers, the sales of one of its predecessors also saw an unexpected increase. The Xbox One X, on Amazon suddenly had its sales figures go up by a massive 747% on the same day the Series X pre-orders went live:


The One X’s sales rank went from 2,804 to 331, briefly pushing it up to the list of top #10 best selling gaming products on Amazon. Although the rush has subsided now, and one can see why:

The price of the One X on Amazon has been hiked to $540 (bundled with the wireless controller), $40 more than the newer Series X. Amazon has also added the ‘Discontinued” label to the product. There are a bunch of used products selling for around $300, but a new one starts at $540, at the very least. Whether this sudden spike was the result of the confusing naming scheme or simply gamers trying to get an Xbox console to try the expanded Game Pass, I’ll leave the speculation to you.


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