Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Achieves 30 Million Subscribers

Microsoft’s Game Pass may have just broken the 30 million subscriber barrier if 2K boss Strauss Zelnick is to be believed. In a recent Yahoo Finance “fireside chat with Xbox boss Phil Spencer and 2K Games lead Strauss Zelnick, the latter stated that the Game Pass now has “about 30 million” gamers hooked.

Strauss Zelnick: Phil didn’t pitch his own service, which is impressive, given he could have… but you’ve got around 30 million [Xbox Game Pass] subs Phil, right? Something like that?

Phil Spencer: The last public number we announced was 18 [million].

Zelnick: Oh, for some reason I thought…

Host: But it’s really 30?

Zelnick: It’s more than 18. Anyhow, the point is, it’s a big number.

Spencer didn’t comment on the statement and reiterated the 18 million figure released earlier in January. At the same time, he didn’t correct Zelnick’s quote either. It’s hard to say whether this was simply a PR move or the truth, but going by the growing popularity of the service, I wouldn’t be surprised if Game Pass had actually hit the 30 million mark.

As indicated by WCCFTech if you watch the actual video (jump to around the 34:30 mark), Spencer’s body language definitely doesn’t indicate that Zelnick is wrong. Don’t expect any announcements from Microsoft on the matter anytime soon though.

Via: WCCFTech.


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