X Reasons to Use an Oracle Database

Anyhow, if you are previously using Oracle or presently are considering a database solution for the requirements of your business. According to Oracle’s senior director of product management Markus Michalewicz, the Oracle Database is best for you due to a few reasons. The reasons are given below:

Top 10 Reasons to Use an Oracle Database

1- The Flexibility of Standards

The flexibility of the Oracle Database depends on a few powerful fundamentals consisting of:

  • Programmable database features
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Transactions
  • Multiversion read consistency
  • Non-escalating row-level locking
  • Non-blocking queries

Over the years, Oracle Database has gained industry prominence. In 2019, Gartner examined database vendors and also published a ranking of 1 to 5 key capabilities. All but one of the results of Oracle Database are among four and five.

With time, the businesses grow via several versions of the Oracle Database. For example, a startup can start with the Oracle Database Express Edition. Then, with the growth of the business and increase in capacity requirements, it can be transitioned to the Standard Edition of the Oracle Database. Ultimately, it may elevate to the Enterprise Edition of the Oracle Database with the expansion of your business.

2- Highest Availability

The highest availability for the Oracle database has always been standard. As shared previously, the Gartner availability ranking is at 5/5. The availability consists of Oracle Active Data Guard, converged single instance database, Oracle Sharding/RAC, and Oracle Multitenant/pluggable databases.

These architectures are helpful for you to keep safe data and databases as well. Unfortunately, though, they do not make sure of the continuity of the session. The Application Continuity is helpful for unplanned and planned outages. Moreover, you can also avail of different other sources for oracle homework help. 

3- Cost and Consolidation

There are a few ways to use consolidation based on multitenant to optimize your costs within your Oracle Database. You get three free of cost PDBs per Oracle Database. The prices go up there because you buy three CDBs (container databases) with three PDBs on one server or add up to nine PDBs per container database.

Cloud sizing can also be advantageous for you. You will not require to tailor for the top. Instead, make your cloud size for the usual conditions, and if the occasional peaks occur, you will be able to use cloud bursts for substantial temporary increases. In advance deployments, it is common to pay a peak price. In the cloud, the average workload supply is safe and bursts as required.

4- Probability

You will be able to port Oracle Database to all the different platforms compared to its other competitors. You can quickly run it on approximately 20 networking protocols and over 100 hardware platforms. In addition, specific changes to the operating system and hardware make it easy to write Oracle applications.

5- Backup and Recovery

It’s great to use for your entire Oracle online backup as well as proper backup recovery. With Oracle Database, you will be able to do point in time recovery. For this, you will need archive mechanisms and storage space as well.

6- High efficiency

A good Oracle Database gives a pretty good speed and extensive database. Moreover, Oracle Database helps you to improve speed and performance along with transaction control and locking.

7- Multiple Database Support

By using the Oracle database, you will easily handle more than one database in the same transaction. Moreover, it is best to apply or, in other words, implemented in V7.

8- Market Presence

Oracle is the chief RDBMS Vendor. It spends more on research and development than any of its competitors. Oracle has the most significant shares in the UNIX, VMS, and OS/2 server fields. It clearly shows that you are less likely to be left in the lurch by Oracle because many third-party interfaces are supported. Plus, you can get more help because it’s much easier to get talented staff.

9- Versions Changes

Oracle notifies you of the following significant release for any likely changes so that you can be ready. This gives you excellent backwards compatibility, so you don’t have to re-write the application while upgrading the DBMS.

10- Security

Security must always be the number one priority. Therefore, Oracle provides specialized mechanisms to control and monitor access to and use of data. Moreover, with this, you will be able to avoid unauthorized access easily and permit special access to the users by enforcing authorization and editing the actions taken by the users.


There are a lot of things that play a significant role in the whole concept. You must have to know everything to use the Oracle Database for your businesses fully. Moreover, there are also a few important things they need to know: command line and wizards. They need proper commands on PL/SQL and SQL and much more.