Women and Poker

Women and Poker

Even people who have nothing to do with the gambling industry are interested in whether they are exclusively men or women who have also found a place in this kind of entertainment. This is best seen in poker. Previously, this game had been in demand exclusively by men. But the development of the game did not stop. Over the years, new forms of poker have appeared, in-ground and top 10 Australian online casinos and it has begun to gain interest even from women. Today this type of gambling is in great demand from females. Thousands of beautiful representatives play poker. Many of them are even professionals and can resist any man. Their main difference is that they are not only incredibly beautiful but also display themselves as capable players. Many different top versions are representing these gambling clients and we want to give you our own.

Top 5 most famous and beautiful girls playing poker

Among the top 5 best and most beautiful poker players we can confidently count the following beautiful representatives:

·    Maria Ho,

·    Christina Lindley,

·    Victoria “Vicky” Coren,

·    Kara Scott,

·    Jennifer Tilly.

The following can be said for each brief statement. Maria Ho is one of the best poker players to date. This girl was born in Taipei. She played at poker tables around the world, including the online casino. Her total income is about $1.8 million. She even entered tournaments and won the WSOP. She also regularly plays at the final tables. Poker is not the only activity in a girl’s life. You can even see her on TV. Maria enters the show, is a presenter and a commentator.

Christina Lindley was a model at a young age and showed no interest in poker. She was able to achieve great success early on. She decided to pursue an acting career. However, she lost her job in 2007. It was then that she showed special love and interest in online poker. She started playing as she should by making small bets. She was able to make connections in the poker world and even when she had the opportunity to return to work, she realized that her main passion was this gambling. She added only a small part of the modelling.

Victoria “Vicky” Coren is a star because she was the first woman to win the European Poker Tour. She even managed to save almost $2.5 million by winning poker.

Kara Scott is one of the most attractive women at the poker tables. She has had some success in this gambling game. She is the second woman to win a major WSOP tournament. Despite a decline in her poker career, she has not yet left the table. In 2009, she finished second in the PaddyPowerPoker.com Irish Open and won $415.381.

Jennifer Tilly took a short break in the history of her poker career, but eventually returned to the table. In addition to her successful poker career, she is also known for her brilliant career as a model and actress. In poker, a girl becomes completely cold-blooded and not the kind of girl used to be seen on screens. In 2005, Jennifer won the WSOP women’s unlimited hold-up tournament.

What’s good poker in a woman’s company?

You might think a poker game is a dull, silent gambler. However, it ceases to be so if you play with beautiful Australian girls. You can enjoy their company even after you drop your cards.

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