Witcher 3 is Coming to the PS5, XSX and PC w/ Ray-Tracing, Optimized Load Times and Better Visuals

The Global Community Lead for CDPR, Marcin Momot has announced that an even enhanced version of the Witcher 3 will be coming to the next-gen consoles and the PC with ray-tracing and a wide range of visual and technical improvements. Luckily, gamers who own the game on any platform will get a free upgrade to the new version.

Other than the addition of ray-tracing for lighting and ambient occlusion (GI), we’re likely to see increased LOD, better texture streaming leading to reduced texture pop-in and faster loading times due to the use of DirectStorage or RTX I/O.

There’s no word on the availability or price of the new edition, but we expect it to be priced the same as the Complete Edition with all the DLCs and Expansions. Expect a trailer or gameplay video soon.


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