Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Comparative Review

Initially, when Windows 10 was launched, it quickly became the talk of the town. The latest updates, new integrations, and world-class design made people make their shift right at the moment. But gone are the days when Windows 10 was the conversation starter. With Windows 11 making its debut, people are fixated upon its user interface and features. No matter if you are going to watch films or trying to get your TrueBlue casino no deposit bonus – you will be happy doing that with the new interface. Honestly, so are we!

Windows 11 has been officially unraveled to the public, and we can’t wait to test it on our desktops. Microsoft users are expecting a more seamless approach with its onset. But how different is Windows 11 going to be from Windows 10 anyway? What is so great about this new version that it is quickly taking over everyone’s attention? Well, that we can unleash as we read. In this article, we’ll discuss the following points:

  • Interface;
  • Chat integration;
  • Snap desktop;
  • Android Apps;
  • The logo.

A Better and More Seamless User Interface

Windows 10 was quite a buzz for some time. Naturally, it was way better than the user interface of its previous version. The UI Improvements were also a significant consideration that was quite a relief to observe. But ultimately, it failed to offer a versatile system of visual changes. So, audiences were disappointed with that. But it turns out that Windows 11 will make up for that. Recent sources suggest that Windows 11 features a redesigned settings app to offer a more seamless process.

Windows 11 may also feature a new out-of-the-box experience for the Windows setup screen.

Apart from that, you will experience a new centered menu that features rounded corners. The search experience is also likely to improve in this process. The task view and icons on the desktop will also change. The control panel and file manager are also going to be impressive like never before. The quick actions menu has also been decoupled and integrated with the calendar. Windows 11 has also discarded the Live Tiles feature that was the least used among all the user interface features available. So, one is likely to experience a more quick, flexible, and easily accessible Microsoft Windows this time.

An Impressive Teams Chat Integration

The team’s chat has been available since Windows 10, but it wasn’t so valuable earlier. Since it was located in a more remote corner of the desktop, people hardly used it. Since slack provided similar or perhaps even better features during its time, people shifted to it more thoughtfully than ever. As such, the team’s chat was left unnoticed for quite a long time. But with the advent of Windows 11, it seems we will all be keener to use team chat than ever before.

Team chat will play a more prominent part in Windows 11 as it will offer more features and an advanced set of benefits to its users now. The chat functionality is built into the main taskbar. So, it will be much easier to communicate with a friend or a colleague this time. Also, starting a video call with anyone you want can be as fast as possible without much inconvenience. What is most intriguing about this feature is that it can be used for iOS and Android platforms. Could it get any better?

Multitasking Levels Up With Snap Desktop

We are already aware of the multiple windows system available in Windows 10. Yes, it can be highly beneficial no matter what we are doing. But you may have also noticed that it has many scopes to create errors during a critical process. The drag and drop system may also be a problematic situation as it gets pretty messy to handle. But with the new multiple windows system, in Windows 11, this system gets better in no time for you.

Now, users can make the most of multiple windows by using snap layouts. It is a new feature that comes along with Windows 11. So, now users can make the most of numerous windows more seamlessly than ever. All you have to do is pick from the diverse range of templates available. Tap on one, and your selected windows will open right in front of you. Microsoft boosted this feature with many others like Teams, Edge, and PowerPoint to work like magic for users this time. Naturally, it looks slick and ready to rock and roll.

Android Apps on the Microsoft Store

As if we aren’t already impressed that Microsoft is also introducing the latest Microsoft store. This means that the previous one is being rebuilt to show off some of the finest apps for you to have a more comforting experience on your desktop. This layout will be much cleaner and more organized for you to handle. What is most intriguing is that Microsoft will now support Android apps using Amazon’s Appstore. Now, you can have access to a much broader library than ever before.

Now, users will be able to record their favorite videos straight from their Windows device. Isn’t that so much better? The introduction of more native apps, mainly Zoom, Adobe, Canva, can be seen this time in Windows 11. You may also be able to experience Visual Studio and Disney+ on your desktop without any inconvenience.

The Logo and Start Sound

Amidst all other changes, you will also experience a new Windows 11 logo as you tap on the start button of your device. It now appears to be flat instead of wavy as it was before. A new starting windows 11 sound has also been incorporated to freshen up the vibe. In most cases, it is heard that users disable the Windows 10 sound because it is not pleasing enough to them. Well, maybe it is time to switch it on again this time. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Final Words

For everyone bored of the age-old Windows 10, Windows 11 is going to turn out to be a fresh start with lots of exciting features and benefits to offer. The user interface is impeccable. The experience will be more seamless, cleaner, and organized than ever. Also, the Windows Search will be more accessible than the previous versions. To cut short, Windows 11 will be a breath of fresh air that the users are likely to enjoy using in the long run. But Microsoft still requires it to work on its UI Appearance around the operating system. So, that needs to be looked at.

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