Win Big: Top Canadian Casinos Online

There’s nothing better than being at home and winning countless prizes by playing at some of the best Canadian internet casinos. Furthermore, you get to enjoy many of the latest and greatest games around, and you don’t even have to get out of bed.

Sites like Casino Zeus are made specifically to show you some of the best online gaming platforms around, and they also advise you on new games you might be interested in. Additionally, Casino Zeus updates you on what is currently happening in the industry, so you never have to miss out on anything. 

The Greatest Casino Gaming Sites of the Year

From slots to live poker, many gaming sites have been raising the stakes to stay ahead of their competitors. Here are a few reputable sites that provide you with not only the best games but also the best promotions, as well. These games are verified and reliable, guaranteeing that you’ll get your end of the deal:

Golden StarOffers an astonishing 1,000 games and as much as €1,000 cashback on your first deposit, making it the best place to play Canada online casino.
King BillyThis is one of the top Canada real money casinos due to its 5,000 gaming options and welcome bonuses totalling $2,500.
Lucky NuggetA great online casino in Canada, this is one of the few sites that has a 150% deposit match plus the top 500 class titles you won’t find anywhere else.
Kaiser SlotsBased in the UK and loved in Canada, this online casino offers more than 500 slot games. Play the newest Wizard challenge for a chance to win $25,000.
Kosmonaut Online CasinoHas Bitcoin slots and also comes with a 200% promo payout of up to $1,500.

Gaming Authorities of Canada

It’s no secret that Canadians love their games, even though gambling is illegal at the federal level. The government has left the regulation up to the province that each casino falls into. They have the right to either limit the game or choose not to give licences to an entity entirely if they see fit. 

Even though they may have many similarities, the different provinces do not act in the same when it comes to the way they handle casinos. Here is a summarized list of some of the regulatory bodies that govern gaming in Canada:

  • Manitoba. Registers different companies and makes sure they abide by the rules set out by the province. 
  • New Brunswick. Lets companies organize and create games within the province as long as they are following the rules and respecting the players.
  • Ontario. Unlike some of the other regulatory bodies on the list, Ontario is one of the least restricted, and it even has a variety of brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • Quebec. This branch permits both land-based and online casinos in its province as long as they respect the laws that govern them.
  • Alberta. Allows only charities and religious organizations to register as casinos, and only has one regulated online casino.

Getting a Licence for Your Online Casino in Canada

To keep organized crime from running amok, each province has special requirements that individuals or organizations must go through to get their casinos licensed.

The first step is to thoroughly investigate the potential individual or organization to make sure they are legit. They then make sure that there is a viable strategy for the business and that it isn’t going to be a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Once the organization has been vetted, it must go through a verification process to make sure the directors are who they say they are. This step is usually done to make sure someone isn’t opening the casino in another person’s name.

After a year, if everything checks out, the licence will be delivered, letting the business operate like any other. This is the process in Kahnawake. But because provinces can independently set regulations, it can look very different elsewhere. 

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