Why UK Casino Players Prefer Casinos That Are Not GamStop Subscribers

It could be argued that UK online gamblers are among the most fortunate online gamblers in the world. Why? They have access to literally thousands of online gambling sites from all over the world while also having access to hundreds of online gambling sites that are heavily regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Within the UK, Uk online casino enthusiasts can choose either regulated or non-regulated online casino operators. The regulated operators will be licensed by the UKGC. If they are licensed, they also have to subscribe to the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme for a fee. Of course, not all of them abide by this UKGC mandate.

The non-regulated casinos are theoretically operating outside of the law. However, they seem to have the ability to escape the UKGC’s scrutiny. How? Well, the UKGC enforcement body stays busy and as long as non-licensed UK online casino operators aren’t participating in predatory behaviours, they typically stay under the radar.

Here’s an interesting fact. A lot of UK online casino gamblers actually prefer using non-licensed, non-GamStop casinos. Some of the best UK online casinos not on GamStop are listed on Casino Wise.

A Brief Discussion About GamStop

GamStop’s self-exclusion scheme was introduced by and is fully supported by the UKGC. The program stands as a resource for potential problem online gamblers to seek help with staying away from UK online gambling sites.

It’s important to note that GamStop is strictly a voluntary program. It’s up to gamblers to initiate their own registration into the program. The registration process only requires that gamblers provide personal information and select their own self-exclusion timeframe.

After successfully registering, the gambler’s self-exclusion period immediately starts as their personal information goes into the GamStop database. The info serves as the basis for gamblers getting blocked.

While the program works, it’s not full-proof. Since the program is only applicable to licensed UK online gambling sites that have joined the GamStop scheme, motivated gamblers have ways to get around GamStop. One of those ways is choosing to use the aforementioned non-GamStop gambling sites.

Why UK Casino Players Prefer Casinos That Are Not GamStop Subscribers

When using licensed UK online gambling sites that are on GamStop, UK casino gamblers are afforded certain protections from predatory operators. If a UK online gambler is willing to forgo those protections by selecting non-GamStop casinos, licensed or not, they should have a good reason for doing so.

In fact, there are plenty of UK online casino gamblers who strongly prefer the non-GamStop alternatives while being loyal to British operators. What is their motivation for going in this direction? Well, there seem to be three primary reasons that a UK online gambler would prefer a non-GamStop casino over a GamStop casino.

1. Avoiding GamStop Self-exclusion

The number one reason why a UK online gambler chooses a non-GamStop online casino is to avoid their own GamStop self-exclusion.

It’s no surprise that a lot of GamStop gamblers will eventually have a change of heart. When they do, they already know they won’t be permitted to use UK-licensed online gambling sites. So, they have to go in search of alternatives to get around their self-exclusion. Non-GamStop operators are a viable alternative for any GamStop gambler who wants to stay loyal to the UK online gambling community.

2. Non-Licensed Operators Operate with More Freedom and Flexibility

The UKGC exists to protect the residents of the UK from predatory behaviours being used by rogue online operators. To control online gambling sites, the UKGC demands each operator go through a stringent licensing process. When they get that licence, they are required to operate under guidelines that often restrict their flexibility.

Some UK online casino gamblers prefer using online casinos that are willing to think outside of the box. They want to use operators that put forth bonuses that defy the imagination. They want marketing material that tells them what their favourite casinos have to offer.

The reality is some online operators prefer to operate in an environment that isn’t overly restricted. Also, some UK online casino gamblers just prefer gambling in an environment that offers freedom and flexibility.

3. Most Non-GamStop Operators Offer Great Online Gambling Resources

Licensing aside, most non-GamStop online casino operators are quite reputable, safe, and full of great gambling resources. In fact, they offer many of the same resources as their GamStop member counterparts.

The term “resources” refers to things like available casino games, banking options, and bonuses. Yes, most non-GamStop online casino operators in the UK are offering access to thousands of online casino games. These games are being integrated by many of the top online casino software developers in the world, developers like Yggdrasil, Netent, Microgaming, and Playtech.

On the banking front, there is nothing that stops non-GamStop operators from offering access to the usual banking options. That would include:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Digital wallets
  • UK credit cards

Finally, non-GamStop operators have a reputation for offering excellent bonuses. They often do this as a way to compensate UK gamblers who are willing to forgive them for not being licensed and GamStop subscribed.

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