Why The CompTIA A+ Certification Should Be Your Next Step

Heard about the CompTIA A+ certification more than once, but haven’t looked into it? When talking about this certificate in a nutshell, it is your way to enter the information technology job market. Moreover, this basic accreditation track is worldwide appreciated and accepted, as it validates your skills needed for numerous entry-level tech jobs. And it is not only basic device repairs, it is much more than that. The CompTIA A+ certificate holders are trusted to troubleshoot hardware and software along with other wide range of issues in networking, security, and operating systems. So if you are looking for an effective path to build up the necessary expertise and start a successful IT career, this qualification is just what you need.

Why you should go for the CompTIA A+ certification ASAP?

Still have doubts? Perhaps you are confused by the need to take two relevant accreditation exams. But this is the natural process of evaluating your expertise. Moreover, passing them successfully leads to the following positive consequences:

  • This certification is essential for your IT career

As mentioned previously, CompTIA A+ is your entry into the IT industry. This designation covers a wide range of fundamental knowledge about hardware and software, networking and security, making it an essential requirement to score a good job. What’s more, this well-known certificate will not only help you land your first workplace, but it’ll also open up the path to further prosperity in the tech industry.

  • This certification lets you work from anywhere

You should know that the A+ designation from CompTIA is accepted worldwide. Also, it doesn’t concentrate on one particular vendor, making it easy for you to find the perfect job and work with various technologies. You can choose to work in cybersecurity, networking, or other fields you’re interested in. At the same time, since the IT industry is shifting towards remote work, acquiring the CompTIA A+ validation will let you work from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world.

  • This certification is developed by experts

In the meantime, A+ is also regarded as a great certification because it is developed by real experts from different parts of the IT industry. Why is this important? It is because your expertise will match the industry standard. Now, you can breathe the air of accomplishment knowing the fact that professionals with years of experience tested your skills and decided you’re ready to work in a position such as technical support specialist or associate network engineer.

  • This certification is your huge accomplishment

Let’s put job roles and worldwide acceptance aside for now and just focus on how big of an achievement the CompTIA A+ qualification is. You were able to master the fundaments of IT with your hard work and dedication to earn this certificate. You studied for months to get here. This shows how serious you are about your professional future. So, don’t just take this validation as another item for your resume, but also your personal accomplishment which characterizes you as a goal-oriented and ambitious person.

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As you can imagine, there is no need to fear ahead of time. Especially considering that thousands of candidates have already registered for the exams and successfully gained the CompTIA A+ certification. Knowing the benefits of this accreditation covered in this article, it’s high time for you to take a step towards it.