Why Is Grand Theft Auto V Still On The List Of The Most Favorite Games?

The GTA series has been considered one of the most spectacular games with tons of features and fantastic missions. Even after being released for the first time in 2013, it’s still probably the best game to exist. Curious about how did it perform so well? Continue reading.

About GTA V

Grand Theft Auto has always been one of the most challenging and mind-intriguing games that have stayed on for hardcore gamers. However, even after being rated as the most preferred game for PS4, there are also chances for it to become the best game for PS5. This magic may happen very soon, seeing all the works happening in the newer version.

Top 5 Reasons Why GTA 5 Is The Best Game of All The Times

Given below is the list of reasons why GTA 5 is considered in the gaming industry.

GTA V Is Considered Best For Its Longevity

Even though GTA was released seven years ago, it still keeps on selling goods, which is something hard for other games to attain. Not only you can enjoy on gaming consoles, but it is also a pretty popular choice for PS3 and PS4. The game has sold over 135 million copies until now, which is a massive number.

The GTA online mode has always remained the best game to play due to the constant updates and ongoing events. However, the experience of the online gaming mode may differ from the single-player campaign to the multiplayer mode. All of it gets covered up by the help of the events and the heist that online mode brings along.

GTA V Is Considered Best For Its Storytelling

GTA has faced quite a bit of complaint regarding the stories of the previous versions to be a little coherent. However, GTA 5 can never be accused of that same complaint. It allows the player to sink in the mind-blowing gameplay, which only keeps on getting intense with each passing stage.

Looking at the in-game mechanics and tone of the game, it is developed very beautifully. The ideology behind the storytelling has been sculptured around these components only. That makes it the best game in the world.

GTA V Is Considered Best For Its Characters

Just like GTA IV, which used the ideology of using various protagonists in the storyline with the help of DLC expansions, GTA V used the same ideology and incorporated it in a far better way. It incorporated all three characters in the gameplay and allowed players to switch between them as they liked.

All three of them–Michael, Trevor, and Franklin—bring a different experience that demonstrates a different side of the game. Just like the central trio of GTA V, there are other unforgettable characters as well. All these reasons made it become the best game of 2021.

GTA V Is Considered Best For Its World

Los Santos is heavily inspired by Los Angeles, which is itself a playground used by the players for causing chaos. The city is crafted in such a fantastic way that it provides a unique feel to the mesmerizing city. Unlike any other e-sport, the map is quite large and is filled with various places where you can have fun.

However, using the idea of Los Angeles may look like a shortcut, but what they brought to the table is something only very few developers possibly can. Rockstar, indeed, is one of the best game companies that put a lot on the map of the e-sport, which is worthy of being praised.

GTA V Is Considered Best For Its Influence upon the Players

The GTA series has always been one of the favorites among the gaming community, which can also be proved by the number of copies available in the market. Apart from being so impactful among gamers, its additional features escalated the level of gaming to out-of-this-world. It’s simply a redefinition of the open world of the sandbox that has influenced the majority of the people.

Even though various other games have a similar or even a higher budget than this one, none of them probably managed to be as influential as the GTA series. This is what probably makes it the best game ever in the gaming world.

Final Thoughts

From GTA to GTA V, the journey of this series has been quite fantastic. It also remains in the high circles quite a lot of times since the release. Tell us about your views on why GTA V is still the best game to play with friends in the comments section.

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