Why Gamblers Can Enjoy Even Losing in Online Casino

Every year, gamblers around the world spend billions of dollars on online casinos. Playing online casino games with real money gives punters a chance to win a lot of money without being in a brick-and-mortar casino.

However, one question has been on the lips of the observers of the gambling world. Why do people continue to gamble at the best online Canadian casinos even when they lose money?

Since punters are meant to be gambling to win, why don’t they stop when they lose bets? These questions are what will be providing answers to in this article.

The Opportunity to Recover Losses

This is the first and perhaps, the most vital reason why online punters continue to gamble when losing.  There is always a chance for gamblers to recover their losses and even make profits.

During a gamble, the stake is always smaller than the possible payout. For instance, a gambler may stake $2 in roulette to win $70. A gambler may also win a massive sum of $1000 by staking just $10 in a jackpot game.

So, the experienced online punters understand that they won’t win all their bets. What keeps them going is the knowledge that they will always make a profit when they win.

Additionally, online casinos boost the appeal of gambling by advertising the odds of winning each event. For example, people interested in European roulette will know that the chance of winning in the game is one in 37 attempts.

As for online slots, there is the return to player (RTP) percentage. This gives slot fans an idea of the slot games that pay more frequently. So, by showing players the odds of winning in a particular game is high, the operators make them tempt them to keep gambling.

Casino Bonuses

All online casinos give out bonuses to their players and it is a strategy that has worked well for several years. The importance of these bonuses is to give people more reasons to make deposits in online casinos.

Major operators reward their new customers with free spins. However, more bonuses are made available when new players create accounts and start playing with real money. For instance, new customers may receive a 100% welcome bonus instead of some free spins.

In addition to the first deposit bonus, several casinos offer bonuses for subsequent bonuses. Sometimes, players are eligible for second, third, and even fourth deposit bonuses.

However, these bonuses come with wagering requirements. Customers aren’t allowed to withdraw their bonuses directly. They are required to place a specific number of bets with their bonuses. The wagering requirements vary by casino. Players may be required to stake between ten to sixty times the bonus amount they receive before making withdrawals.

Other types of bonuses are also offered to online gamblers from time to time. They include no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and bonuses from VIP programs.

Aggressive Marketing

Despite the strict regulations that online casinos face in different countries, they continue to expand their markets. These expansions do not happen by chance. They are a result of the aggressive marketing carried out by operators every year.

The aggressive marketing boosts the awareness of online casino gaming among the people and gets them interested in playing. However, marketing online gambling is a serious business.

To get the desired results, the management of online casinos invests in top marketing teams and advertisers. They also set aside huge amounts of money for marketing projects.

The free spins that are made available for slot games are effective marking tools. This is because they enable players to enjoy slots for free for some time. Other casino games also have demo versions that allow people to play for free. Eventually, what players consider to be free games are just marketing tools.


Gamblers had to visit land-based casinos to enjoy their favorite casino games some decades ago. But since the advent of the internet, punters have been offered an increasing number of options asides from flying to Vegas, Macau, or Monte Carlo.

Online casinos give gamblers the chance to play casino games from the comfort of their homes regardless of the day or time. Things have gotten even more interesting with mobile casinos.

The top online casinos have dedicated apps that allow players to access their platforms using smartphones. As a result, players can now access casino games at the push of a button or on the go.

Today, there are about 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world. Over half of these people are mobile gamers. By bringing easy and convenient gambling to such a huge population, online casinos are assured of having a steady inflow of players.

Cheap Gambling

Another reason why people aren’t bothered about losing money in online casinos is that they offer cheaper gambling. Gamblers are usually allowed to bet as low as 10 cents.

Lovers of casino games usually don’t mind depositing between $5 to $20 to get a gambling experience. When the low bet limits of online casino games are considered, it is easy to see why more people are tempted to play them.

Though online casinos seem to pose lower risks, the little amounts spent on bets can easily accumulate to large amounts. Hence, a problem may arise for gambling addicts. But in the case of controlled gamblers, they can play gamble a few times a week without issue.

Technological Advancements

Though online casino games have been around since the 90s, they lacked quality. The quality of the graphics was low and the gameplay wasn’t smooth enough.

Fortunately, the quality of casino games has improved greatly thanks to technological advancements. For example, slots now have 4k capability. They also feature top-notch sound effects and gameplay.

Another noteworthy advancement has been the introduction of live dealer games. These games allow lovers of table games to play with real dealers and other players from the comfort of their homes. Immersive experiences like this are what gamblers love about online casinos.


People aren’t forced to keep playing at online casinos even when they are losing. Instead, the operators have done a great job of making their platforms super attractive. So, it’s not just about winning, it’s also about getting great value.