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Which Casino Bonuses Do Beginners Have To Choose? 

There have been so many great money-saving promotions out there at online casinos that it can be tough to get which ones are worth trying. Even the best bonus offers may have hidden costs and risks to be aware of. If you’re just getting started gambling online, it can be difficult to know which promotions are right for you. 

If you’re like most new players, you may have been looking for that one great bonus opportunity that would take your game from amateur to pro-level. Our article will provide you with all the accurate details of which casino bonuses you should try and which ones you should pass up. 

What Makes Casino Bonus a Good One?

When you are logging in at the casino, you really desire to get the best online casino bonuses and win extra money as fast as you can. However, what you need to understand is how to identify that the casino offers you great bonuses and is not trying to scam you. 

  • Big bonuses are almost a taboo for newbie players.

 Online casinos will allure you with big bonuses and low wager requirements, but all these things may be just a mirage to let you register, make a deposit, and scam you.  Unless it is a good and trustworthy casino, you can’t completely believe it. Therefore, always read casino reviews first!

  • Bonuses can’t be cashed out.

It is a widespread trick that online casinos don’t allow players to cash their bonuses out. If you can’t get additional money from your bonus, what is the point then?

  • Bonuses have a lot of terms and conditions.

Again, a bonus isn’t good if you can’t earn from it. Online casinos often oblige bonuses with many terms and conditions for you not to be able to fully cash out. 

Bonus Types to Consider 

You must be good, as a gambling newbie, at an understanding of the different bonus types that online casinos offer. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Free Spins bonus – use this bonus and receive free spins/rounds while playing a particular slot machine.
  • Welcome bonus – this one is given for the first registration at a casino.
  • Deposit bonus – make a deposit and claim this bonus, this bonus equals to the deposit you made.
  • No deposit bonus – despite the previous one, this bonus doesn’t require the deposit to be made to claim it.
  • Reload bonus – re-deposit once more to your account and claim this bonus.
  • Cashback bonus – have a percent of money returned to you.

How to Find the Right Bonus 

To be honest, there is no ultimate advice. Everything depends on your gambling needs and purposes. The best we can advise is to find for yourself a good online casino (cut and try method suits well, or at least try to read some casino reviews to pick a good one) and try all types of games first in demo mode.

When you have decided which game you like to play or mastered it a little during free play, it is time to search for casino bonuses for this or that game. 

For example, if you like Uptown Aces Casino and adore playing different slot machines, you may use up some free spins bonuses for a particular slot (right now they are giving 25 free spins on the Enchanted Garden II slot machine). 

Or if you adore some games from a specific software provider, for instance, Microgaming, you can play Microgaming slot machines on Zodiac Casino, which has a large variety of Microgaming’s penny slots, and get a lucrative $20 welcome bonus for registering there or get 80 chances to win the jackpot for just £1!

So, the best way to find the right bonus is to search for a good place and use that bonus code that you really want and which will benefit your play at any game.


There are so many great bonuses offers that can benefit your online gambling, but sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to try first. We hope that our article has helped you to sort things out a little and now you understand that only trying and playing at good and trustworthy casinos can help you benefit from casino bonuses. Therefore, choose the best and win the most!  

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