Where to Get Free Tech Advice Online and Offline

It is an everyday problem right now with the development of computers and the advancements in technology – computer problems are something that we have to deal with. Not everyone has troubleshooting skills, so having someone to ask for help in these moments can be beneficial, and not everyone will know how to aid you on sites to play igt slot games or on how to troubleshoot.

The problems that can occur vary from the computer hardware to the operating system. You need expert advice from people who can answer questions regarding the computer issues you are facing. Of course, there are technical support teams everywhere that will require you to pay for them even to consider helping you.

Not everyone active in the computer world can afford support like this regarding any tech issue they face, and thankfully several options do not come with any fees. They will also help you fix any technical problem you have is within their domain.

It doesn’t matter whether you have problems with the hardware or software or issues with your phone or PC; there are tons of sites and people who will give you free tech advice. Let’s dive deeper into where you can ask for expert advice and where you can find free technical support for your computer problems.

Tech Support Guy

Arguably the most popular and used site out there giving free tech advice is Tech Support Guy. This site has been around for 20 years, and nowadays, it has more than 800,000 registered users. You can get assistance and help with any questions you might have. The help is completely free, as volunteer technician experts and sponsor donations provide the support.

Tech Support Guy’s team comprises professionals in every computer field, so it doesn’t matter whether you have troubleshooting problems with your Windows, Linux, Mac, or whatever. Some team members are receivers of the MVP award of Microsoft, so users can rest assured that this team is likely to bring solutions and solve whatever question they might have. They can do no wrong, to be honest.

As far as the site’s security goes, the browser’s address bar is locked, and they waste no resources in making sure that they have the latest bank-level encryption that keeps all information safe.

Probably the best indicator of the reliability of Tech Support Guy is that it has been on the Today Show, BBC, and promoted in Money Magazine, PC World, Computer Shopper, and so on. All in all, you are very likely to find answers to whatever question or problem you might have, as the tech support team is active 24/7. Sometimes it can take up to a few hours to get a reply, depending on the volunteers available, the complexity of the problem, and the repair solution.

Kim Komando

This is not your usual tech support site that will give you free answers or troubleshooting tips. Kim Komando is the host of radio shows that offer all types of support for consumer technology. She will provide you with updates and helpful advice regarding tech gadgets, websites, apps, internet security, and other categories.

Over 400 radio stations broadcast the show, which is an accurate indicator of its popularity among US citizens. If you cannot listen to the radio, you can visit her website, which is also very helpful as it contains all the latest news, and you are sure to find whatever you search for.

She might not have the most extensive team of advanced users of the tech community, but she is a tech pro. You will likely find an easy fix for your computer, whatever it may be – Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on.

PC Magazine

There was a time when magazines were not digital, and this one was used by many people in the world, as it had helpful free advice for anyone that needed help around their desktop systems. The magazine had to adapt to the new world and the advancements of technology, and nowadays, they are entirely digital and offer their services and tips that way.

They are one of the most famous tech brands globally, and apart from the solutions you will find for your everyday tech problems, there are tons of news about the latest trends in the digital world. You will find helpful tips from how to get your surround system working best to some new products reviews.

The team behind PC Magazine is full of professionals in their respective fields, so they are sure to answer any inquiry you might have.


Everyone has been a part of peer groups at certain times, and we all know that they can be helpful in every field. The computer world is not immune to this, and FixYa is a good forum for any tech services you may need.

You can’t explain some things to the repair person who comes to help, and FixYa is the right place for you. It is a community forum where people share problems and find answers for them, so every member benefits from it.

The good thing about computers is that most of the problems may have already been posted in the forum, so you are likely to find a solution for whatever you may need. Even if you cannot find an answer to your problem, feel free to post it anyway, as it is very likely that someone else in the forum is already suffering from the same pain.

PC World

PC World is for people who need very detailed and step-by-step instructions on making something work. At PC World, you can get every bit of advice you need on basic everyday struggles, like how to get your HDTV to work right, and there are even suggestions and videos on how to improve your phone signal.

Of course, they also keep up with the latest trends in the computer industry, so there is a news section on their site that will give you all the latest updates you need. Apart from that, their site is full of product reviews done by tech pro employers, and it will help you make a better decision when you think about purchasing a specific product.

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