Where to find investors for startups

Hello Pareto helps businesses take care of the details to focus on meeting investors. Individuals can reach their dedicated project partner over email, 24-hour live chat, and slack. Pareto sets up their project when they call or message the Pareto team. After contacting the Pareto team, they clarify their criteria and helped startups to get an instant forecast on their weekly budget that would start at $100.

The Pareto team takes care of details in three ways, custom screening, strategic research, and contact generation. Through these steps, startups can now focus on meeting investors who can help them realize their goals.

Custom Screening

Custom screening helps startups find investors on platforms such as AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn. It is a vetting process where startups get the chance to examine investors through screening their financials and expertise in the area they would like to venture.

Investment History

Pareto have to look into their investment history and see whether their investments have succeeded. Through this process, they check the size of their investments in other businesses. It is important to do this because it helps them gauge how much backing they will get from potential investors. It is important to weigh the investor’s capability to take the start-up to the next level.

Domain Expertise

Through looking at domain expertise, Pareto looks at the inputs the startups will make in the market. After looking at the inputs, they guide the process and evaluate the finished products to determine if the startup is of any value. Pareto looks at the startup and determines if the individuals behind the business have the knowledge ad understanding to penetrate the market.

Strategic Research

Hello Pareto helps start-ups with strategic research, which involves exploring strategies that will achieve success for the business. It helps startups acquire new knowledge through compiling founder reviews which help the start-up look into the latest conversations about their business idea.

Conflicts of Interest

Hello Pareto also looks at conflicts of interest for the startup. Doing this research helps the start-up differentiate between products and services already available in the market. (Tramadol)


Hello Pareto enables startups to note what customers need through market research. Strategic research also involves networking with other entrepreneurs and building mutual connections. Pareto helps startups build these connections by organizing events that will help the startup build lasting relationships. These events are designed to bring professionals together to help them learn new skills, grow their network, and keep up with current developments.

Contact Generation

Pareto will help the startup with contact generation by giving them the tools to communicate with potential investors. Pareto will source valid investor emails from social media networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Prepare a list of contacts

Pareto compiles a list of contacts to help the startup run a fundraising campaign. It is an important lead generation strategy for startups because today, investors and customers are active online users and tech-savvy. Through these online platforms, Pareto will extract their information and pore through their profiles to determine their suitability for the startup.

Content Marketing Strategy

Pareto gives startups the tools to succeed, and one of them is guiding them on content marketing strategies. Having a clear strategy on what content is displayed and providing information on the products and services that will excite customers and investors. Pareto will advise and implement the tools that will attract investors. These tools include articles, newsletters, social media posts, and ads. The approach promotes brand awareness because it excites users and investors and attracts them toward the brand.

Final Thoughts

Pareto is a useful tool for startups, no matter the location. Startups should outline their specific needs, and Pareto will be there to back them every step of the way. Pareto is obsessed with achieving success and has an open policy with their customers, and if they don’t achieve the desired results, they will offer a free redo of the project or a refund of the credits.

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