What’s the Deal with CS: GO Bowie Knife Skins in 2022?

Not every player can use knives in shooters because, to injure the enemy, you need to sneak up to them real close and very quietly. In CS:GO, knives are most often used to show professionalism. Even in eSports matches, players who kill with a knife immediately gain fans worldwide. The Bowie knife is named after the hero of the Texas Revolution, James Bowie. Such a knife inflicts cutting wounds and is used in any industry. Worn with a reverse grip, it looks massive and aggressive. To make it even cooler, you can apply CS:GO skins to it. What are the best skins available for this knife on marketplaces? Read below. 

  1. Case Hardened 

This is an attractive option that will allow you to enjoy every hit. The blade has multicolored streaks of yellow, blue, and bright crimson hues. The handle is painted black. This skin first appeared within Operation Wildfire and is available in the same case. Just like with any other Bowie Knife CSGO, the price of this design fluctuates depending on the quality and availability of StatTrak. Thus, it may cost you from $140 to $260.

  1. Damascus Steel

The weapon looks very stylish and is really beautiful for such a price. The coating of the blade perfectly imitates the texture of Damascus steel. The bright white shade will not leave anyone indifferent. This skin first appeared in the game within the “Take a Trip to the Canals” update. It can also be dropped from Spectrum cases. However, it is much easier to buy it on the marketplace for $107–175.

  1. Scorched

This option is for players who want to feel like a real bounty hunter. The color scheme consists of deep black and light gray shades. It seems that the knife is really covered with black soot. This skin was first noticed in the Operation Wildfire update and case. The price range for this item fluctuates between $76 and $121. 

  1. Urban Masked

This design can be found on other models of CS:GO knives. However, it looks best on this model. Graphic shades of gray are located throughout the weapon, including the handle. It first appeared in the game as part of the Operation Wildfire update. Now, this skin costs $85–100. Indeed, this is a great option for users who want to stand out with good taste. 

  1. Freehand

It is a beautiful weapon that looks very light and brutal at the same time compared to other designs. There are white inscriptions in an unknown language on the dark-blue background. In general, the design looks really mysterious. It first appeared in the game as a part of Operation Riptide and now can be found in the Dreams and Nightmares case. Alternatively, you can purchase this skin for $110–190. 


The Bowie Knife designs can be purchased on Steam or any other marketplace that sells skins. These are special platforms where the user can purchase various in-game items at an affordable price without any problems. Of course, numerous fraudulent sites offer their services with the purchase of a cheaper knife, but you need to think a hundred times before using any platforms of this kind. The fact is that some trading platforms will guarantee the user the desired Bowie Knife, while others may only cause additional difficulties. So, take your time to read the feedback of other customers before you buy or sell something or share your Steam account details. Good luck!

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