What’s New in the Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone?

Activision has announced the launch of the new season of Call of Duty: Warzone on 12 August 2021. It means that season 4 will end soon. Raven Software, an arm of Activision, has made fair changes in the game to provide the one-of-a-kind battle royal experience.

Season 5 comes packed with four new weapons such as EM2: Assault Rifle, TEC-9: SMG, Cane: Melee Weapon, and Marshal: Secondary. It also offers new maps, perks, and a lot more, enough to revamp the meta and trigger an adrenaline rush to get you addicted to the game. Activision will be revealing the most unexpected but most sought-after features by game lovers. Some of them have appeared earlier, like Rush map and Perks from Modern Warfare; it is time to see them in the new avatar. Maybe it’s the time when players use warzone hacks to get the most of the new season. But using a perk ends up the ability to choose the other one.

All New Perks

Perks are an extension of the lethal and tactical equipment from Modern Warfare. These have been remodeled to fit the vast multiplayer mode and massive battles of Verdansk. For the first time in COD, a new season is getting two perks, each with its own advantage to make out the suitable weapons and accessories to go with it.

Combat Scout

The Operators will have a tactical edge in the game as they can have real-time in-field information. Every time an enemy is down, the Operator will get notified, and an orange light will be emanated to let them know the location. The trick to getting the advantage for the Operator is to communicate with his squad mates effectively. This being done, he can easily find or the veracity of a callout or identify the enemy hidden under a non-penetrable cover.


Here, the perk does the opposite of the literal meaning of the word. Taking this perk makes an Operator’s armor heavy, and it becomes more strengthened towards any attack. The work done in three armor plates to fully armor an Operator will now be done by two plates. A standard Armour plate generally withstands 50 points in damage. When the perk fires it up, it can absorb 75 points. But here is the catch! The Operator can only use the armor plates two times instead of three.

Mobile Broadcast Stations

Perseus has re-emerged and has destroyed the Ground Station in South Africa. He has dismantled and decommissioned an American satellite constellation. Now, Warith has transferred all the intel on Perseus’ diabolical plan to an Operative.

To realize his nefarious goals, Perseus is being helped by Stitch. Mobile Broadcast Stations have been established everywhere in Verdansk for boosting the network of signals. It helps Perseus to keep track of the movement of Operatives. These stations emit a frequency when an area offers a reward. The Operatives are required to keep their head down to avoid being detected on the radar.

Rush in Gulag

Gulag is the last resort after being thrown out of the primary battle; the last chance of getting resurrected. The season will see Gulag converted to Rush: Black Ops II map. With the speedball arena, paintball buffs have an opportunity to showcase their ability to target the enemies while maintaining the cover.

It is a spoiler alert. If you want to prepare for the new realm in Gulag, you may practice them into the good old Black Ops Cold War in multiplayer mode.

Red Doors

Whoever goes through those Red Doors randomly land in a place in Verdansk. Perseus has been making them more unpredictable and unstable through those Mobile Broadcast Stations. So, let the players be warned; it can land you up in any place other than the control room. 

New Operators

Kitsune from Warsaw Pact

The Japanese cybersecurity expert is an infamous thief serving as a double agent for Perseus. She has left her past from Kobe to join Perseus to help him establish the new world order. She is deft at using her opponent’s war tactics and strength to her advantage. She is thorough, focused, and relentless in the path on which she sets her mind too.

Stryker from NATO

He is known as the one-man army that comes with the latest military tech. He is a consequence of the 1980s future warfare project and the perfect representative of the U.S. Special Forces Response Team. He is accompanying Woods to end Perseus after a distress signal from a destroyed NATO base.


Special Agent Jason Hudson is Adler’s old buddy and Weaver’s partner of the CIA intel program. He, too, will support Wood’s cause in stopping Perseus. This daredevil from D.C. is hell-bent on helping NATO and finishing the dirty work in Verdansk and Dark Aether in Multiplayer and Zombies mode.

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