What Skills of Gamers Can Be Useful at University?

Video gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. With over 2.8 billion gamers across the globe, it’s easy to see why university students have become a part of these virtual worlds. They beat boredom and are a great way to spend time. But did you know that video games are also a great way for students to build valuable skillsets? That is right! There is more to gaming than meets the eye. Take a look at the benefits of video gaming that can be useful at university. (

1.  Reading Skill Development – Good Alternative to Books

Some virtual worlds are more “wordy” than others. They feature solid written content, elaborate questlines, and complex features. All of these components make a student read through the guidelines and actively work on their reading skills. With games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Skyrim, and many more, reading is part of the game.

There is also another way to build reading skills. If you have an essay to write, then you might want to read someone else’s work. When you read, you perfect your comprehension and analytic skills. So, even if you can’t do the writing yourself, you can ask a writing service to do it for you, like professional essay writers from Writix, for example. They can compile any essay. You can then use the finished essay as a building block for learning.

Besides, reading stimulates the imagination. It engages the memory centers of the mind. Even if you are not a fan of books, but still need a good read, both written essays and gaming quests can come in handy. They are a good way of expanding your vocabulary and broadening your creativity.

2.  Strategic Calculations and Leadership – Great for Adaptability and Perseverance

Many games, like StarCraft or Civilization, feature complex planning and strategic approaches for a player to win the game. That’s why a lot of gamers are strategic risk-takers. In multiplayer, the strategy depends on the team. So, they set up leaders to communicate and identify each other’s weaknesses and strengths. These skills can be useful in:

  • Military
  • Animation
  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Retail
  • Writing
  • Designing

Of course, education is still necessary. You would need to finish every lesson to be able to thrive in any industry. Video games are here to give you a little boost. But, completing your education should still be a top priority.

3.  Gross Motor Skill Development – Ideal for Better Visual Perception

Playing video games requires timing and attention to detail. Players need to know exactly when to execute the desired task. So, the more they play, the easier it is to build hand-eye coordination skills. Plus, if a student plays on Kinect or Wii consoles, then they are actively engaging different muscles of their body.

For example, students who play games might have quicker reflexes compared to those who don’t. They type much faster, which is useful for writing projects sooner. These are all practical skills that will be useful in the long run. 

4.  Motivation Booster – Best for Hard-to-Reach Students

There are a ton of university students out there who struggle with history. Until Assassin’s Creed drove them to learn more about the French revolution. Even students that spend hours playing video games are learning new techniques from YouTube in a blink of an eye. Obviously, gaming is a powerful motivator.  If used in online education, it can help those hard-to-reach students in a way lessons can’t.

Final Thoughts

There has been a lot of criticism about gaming for the past couple of years. But, when you look at the psychological and social benefits of playing video games, you can see that they have a lot to bring to the table. For a university student, motivation, hand-eye coordination, and strategic calculation are all worthwhile skills to succeed. You can use them to thrive in college and reach for the type of career you want.