What Is Payment Automation

Sooner or later, any online store is faced with the need to implement an automated payment system on the site. In today’s fast-growing payment automation market, the presence of a payment system on the site is not just a pleasant surprise but a cruel necessity. The main trend is to provide the buyer with the most convenient and modern service. One of the key elements of convenient service is a payment automation system.

Why do you need automated payment acceptance?

The question itself contains the answer. Such a system is needed for visitors to be able to pay for goods directly on the site. This will play a plus both for the buyer — it will create comfortable conditions for them to make a purchase, and for the store owner — they will receive a buyer who probably would not have purchased the goods if there was no payment system on the site.

Optimal payment method for quick settlements

Thanks to payment splitting, the payment amount is automatically divided and credited to the accounts of several recipients at the same time. Such a tool is popular in businesses where the services of intermediary platforms or several partners are involved: marketplaces, taxis, ticketing services, and travel agencies. If you need to settle with several partners after each payment from a client, use the payment splitting method. This will save you time by eliminating manual settlements and reducing acquiring costs and your tax burden.

How is the automated payment system connected to the site?

The payment system is implemented on the site using a specially designed module. Depending on the engine, the module installation process may vary. If you have a self-written engine or a little-known CMS module for which it has not yet been developed, airSlate is ready to create such a module in the shortest possible time absolutely free of charge.

Business development on the Web requires the implementation of certain software. Regardless of the specific direction, it is necessary to automate the receipt of payments from customers for goods and services. You can connect special services — payment systems — to solve this problem. Thus, it will be possible to facilitate the work of the communication service because it will be much easier to pay on the site. Why connect a payment system:

  • You provide convenience to your customers.
  • To scale up activities because work will become available not only within your own country but also in different parts of the world.
  • The possibility to set up receiving payments in several ways.

What tasks does airSlate solve?

  1. Centralization of corporate payments management. Combining disparate elements of the corporate structure in a single functional center for the efficiency of processes and control over them.
  2. Improving the terms of cooperation with banks. Obtaining better banking services for the enterprise due to the centralization of operations and the negotiation process.
  3. Reduction of routine operations due to automation. The use of robotic data processing at all stages: from collecting and generating invoices, agreeing, and signing to creating a payment calendar and making payments.
  4. Strengthening internal financial control. Separation of powers for the implementation of control procedures between enterprises and the payment factory. Reduction of financial and economic risks.
  5. Reducing the cost of finance and IT departments. Optimize the number of staff previously employed in low-skilled operations and reduce the cost of maintaining a complex IT infrastructure and multiple IT systems.
  6. Improving the efficiency and quality of operations. Centralized management helps to reduce the number of errors in paperwork by allocating resources to specific processes and using electronic document management.

Integration with banking systems

A solution for automating treasury processes can be implemented and developed in a complex way, as well as in the context of individual functional modules.

  • Data synchronization in the treasurer’s office. Let’s unite the flow of business information in a single window, eliminating the need to transfer data manually and the risk of human errors. You will be able to manage invoices, factoring, payment orders, and give instructions directly to banks.
  • Ready-made connectors and tires. Our arsenal has all the necessary tools for easy and quick connection to any corporate information system.

AirSlate will help you register an account for an individual

The AirSlate team is ready to offer proven solutions for the smooth operation of your site for prompt acceptance of payments from all over the world. Are you just starting to scale your business, are you working on a dropshipping system, or are you already tired of looking for the best solutions for registering an account without bans, blocks, and holds? Entrust this task to professionals. We will help you register AirSlate for an individual without registering a legal entity in another country. We will teach you how to accept payments from all over the world. Scale your business now.

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