What is More Convenient: To Write Your Essay on a Computer or on Paper?

Gone are the days when everyone used to buy paper notebooks because they were essential for writing. In present times, digital devices have taken over. Even though it seems like everyone prefers computers to write notes, some still use pen and paper to put their thoughts into words. 

But which of these mediums is more convenient overall? Let’s take a look. 

Typing on a Computer 

There are a multitude of benefits to using a laptop or a desktop for word processing. Anyone who has ever used such a device knows how easy it is to create long pieces of text in no time, provided you follow some tips to improve your typing skills. Other than that, here are the main advantages of using computers for typing:

  • You can craft words very fast. The speed you type with is often multiple times higher than what you can achieve manually. 
  • Editing is a simple matter of pressing a key or two. You can remove words, highlight them, move them from one place to another, and do a bunch more. 
  • The readability of your work increases manifold, especially if you have bad handwriting. 
  • You are spoiled for choice when it comes to word processors. You can use any software you’re comfortable with on your electronic device. 
  • You can convert your work into multiple formats, depending on how you wish to use it. 
  • Your work can be shared instantly, with anyone in the world who has an internet connection. 
  • In the larger picture, using a computer is better for the environment than using pen and paper. 

These are some of the biggest reasons why computers are taking over the world. Another major one is that students can take professional help to get their tasks done, thanks to the internet. You can find a review of a write my argumentative essay service and see if it is something you need to use. It’s highly convenient to get articles or essays written in this way when you’re a little too busy to submit your task by the deadline. 

Jotting Down on a Paper

Even though computers have a lot of conveniences that make the writing process faster and easier, there are certain points that only pen typing can boast:

Much Fewer Distractions 

When you have to craft an essay, you need to be as focused as possible. On computers, this is very difficult. While writing, you might be intrigued by the formatting options and start experimenting. You might click away from your software and open up a webpage instead. None of this is a problem when physically writing. It’s just you and your piece of paper. As long as you make sure to put your phone away and shut down your laptop, you can remain focused on your words. 

Doodles and Mindmaps

For creative thinking and writing, doodling is often essential to get your mind going. No matter how quickly you type on your device, there’s still no good way to just stop writing and start doodling or drawing mindmaps. This is where papers come in, and why they are still preferred by many artists, poets, and story writers. 

Better Reliability

You don’t need to worry about any particulars when jotting down words physically. There is no need to get the latest CPUs because your old machine can’t handle a long blog post. Just grab your notebook and a bunch of gel pens to get started. You also never have to wait for your paper to start up or load, giving you the freedom to jot down every interesting thought and all your verbatim notes. 

More Personal and Natural

Not everything is about convenience. Sometimes, you want to feel more connected to your writing. A diary full of your thought process along with drawings and doodles will feel more personal than any digital device. On top of that, the feeling of sliding a pen across a physical surface feels more natural than pressing buttons. That is why more and more tablets dedicated to writing are coming out, giving people the best of both worlds. Yes, writing an essay on a laptop while sitting in your living room is quicker but when it comes to something that requires conceptual understanding or creativity, a physical writing surface feels much better and often yields better results. 


So, what is more convenient for a writer? It depends on the situation and the type of work you want to do. If typing speed is important, like when creating a thesis paper or a final essay, then a computer is the obvious choice. But if something requires more freedom and creativity, you might do a better job with a pen. So, why choose? Just use both and enjoy the advantages of each! 

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