What Equipment Do Pro Gamers Use?

Focus On What is Necessary

Odds are that your favorite pro gamer is not sitting on a crate or garden chair using a desk supported by boxes while they play popular table games on stream. So why are you? If it is a budget thing, do not fret; if you think you need the Italian leather gaming chair you see pro gamers sitting on in their streams you are sorely mistaken.

Not only are they bulky and not the most aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, but they are also extremely overpriced for the sheer lack of comfort and usability they offer. Not to mention, the gamer that you saw sitting in it more than likely got it free of charge because the company knows that a player sitting in it will increase their brand exposure. Rather invest in the equipment pro gamers use that actually makes a difference to your gaming experience.

The equipment that needs focus is the pieces that will give you a distinct edge over the competition rather than the pieces that make that battered battle station look pretty.

Keyboard & Mouse

Presumably, you own a computer with a graphics card good enough to pursue the other parts of equipment that go with the pro gamer lifestyle. There is nothing worse than sticky keys or an unresponsive mouse being the cause of your demise, leading to the insults the rest of the team will hurl at you because of your “lack of skill”. You need to make sure the keyboard and mouse you choose are responsive and built using high-quality, long-lasting parts to ensure your experience is smooth.

In terms of buying a good gaming mouse, Logitech is an amazing brand with a reputation for delivering a satisfactory mouse ranging from budget to the pro gaming range. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a choice for pros all around the world, coming with optional wireless support and eight programmable buttons with no stutters no matter how fast those quick wrist flicks are when you click heads at a superior level. There are definitely options that are used by more pros; however, Logitech provides the perfect balance of quality and value for money, making an upgrade accessible on any budget without drastic compromise. Also, if you do not have a mouse pad, chances are you have never owned one and do not know the benefit. Stop missing out and sabotaging your mouse’s ability to be smooth, track effectively, and much more.

Keyboards are another staple of a pro gamer set-up. A good keyboard can often not only elevate your gaming experience but also offer your gaming set-up an aesthetic upgrade, as many offer backlit keyboards and programmable LED features. The manufacturer claims that each key can achieve up to 80 million keystrokes. With optimal speed and responsiveness, this award-winning keyboard took gaming to a whole new level. If you have not figured it out yet, we are talking about the Razer Chroma V2. It’s designed to work with both PCs and Macs and includes a USB port for your convenience.

There’s also an ergonomic design so you can play for hours on end without straining your wrists. It’s very stable, with pro-grade materials all around and fully customizable LED backlights that can be programmed to your heart’s content.

A Redragon Kumara K552 gaming keyboard is a good option if you aren’t looking to spend a lot on a keyboard. Redragon isn’t a household name in the gaming scene; as a result, we see the low price on them. On the other hand, unlike other cheap mechanical keyboards that often have flaws, the Kumara K522 functions flawlessly.

Desk & Monitor Essentials

Looking into upgrading where you see and set up your equipment might be worth it. Assuming your PC can run any game at high frames, you need to ensure that your monitor is actually able to give you the frames your rig is capable of delivering. You also might want to think about the desk and cable management methods being used because an untidy or cramped gaming space is not conducive to clutch scenarios your favorite pros dominate in.

For your monitor, it’s suggested you do not get something with less than a 60 Hz refresh rate; the sweet spot would be one with 144 Hz that uses a good resolution and size for your needs. There are many to choose from and personal preference will play the biggest part. Even in the pro scene, some swear by curved monitors for better fields of view but ultimately opinions vary.

You should make sure your desk has sufficient space for all your hardware and, in some cases, holes for your cable management. Many overlook cable management, but well-managed cables really make a difference to your experience and ease of use. It decreases unnecessary cable clutter that gets in the way and limits the damage that can be done to the wiring as it goes through general use.

Remember, a lot of pro gamers are sponsored, and often by just making sure your equipment meets the check, you can be on par with your favorite gamers.

Headsets & Accessories

A good headset is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can invest in, as it may even help you eliminate the need for other accessories such as a microphone. Your gaming rig will need some necessary accessories to complete it and be level with pro gamers, varying from chargers to speakers for when your friends are over.

A headset is often the difference that makes the enemy team suspect you are cheating. Hearing is one of the most underutilized methods of finding enemies’ positions and predicting their moves, such as a rotation. Most popular shooters have the feature of being able to hear footsteps, reloads, and jumps, amongst many other audio clues that will help you gain a significant edge over the competition, like your favorite pro.

HyperX seems to lead the headset game, with the highest percentage of pro gamers choosing HyperX. Although they are not the cheapest option, their quality is unmatched by most, and you will not regret the investment. Over 20% of pros choose HyperX and 5% choose SteelSeries: maybe the only solid contender that can compete against HyperX as they are the budget alternative that pro gamers still support.

Other than an extra controller, and charger for the said controller, you should look into investing in some decent speakers. You can always pick up some decent speakers if you do not want to rely solely on headsets. A good pair of speakers will create excellent sound, keeping you interested in the game, especially one that does not require precise audio spatial clues. A nice pair of versatile speakers are also a good choice; you can use them to watch movies and listen to music.

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