What Equipment Do I Need to Play Slots Online in 2022?

As more people will play online slots this year than ever, we thought it’s worth putting together a handy guide with requirements to avoid any hiccups in the process.

Before you buy a new computer, laptop, or mobile phone, you might be pleased to hear that slot machines generally have relatively low requirements when it comes to CPU, RAM, or graphic cards. We will go into more detail further down the line, but there is a good chance that you won’t need to upgrade your device(s) just yet.

Instead, let’s start with what matters most when you want to play any game online and in your browser; your internet connection.

A Fast and Stable Internet Connection

No matter how new your laptop or smartphone is, a spotty Internet connection can turn your online slot adventure into an absolute nightmare. Use Fast.com or Ookla to run a quick speed test and see where you stand. As a rule of thumb, anything above 10Mbps and stable will be sufficient to play most online slots and other casino games. 

If your connection speed is lower, you might experience some lagging once you do multiple things simultaneously, e.g., listening to Spotify or watching Netflix while playing online.

If you find yourself struggling with your WiFi signal, you can do a few things to solve the problem. Keep reading to find out your options.

Fixing a Spotty WiFi Signal

One obvious option to fix a weak Internet is to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many ISPs, especially those that offer cheap broadband deals, use the fiber-optic cables from other leading ISPs for a fee as they don’t have their own infrastructure. As a result, the connection speeds are often throttled (and therefore cheaper).

If changing ISPs is not possible, the next step would be to optimise your broadband settings. For example, you can try adjusting the frequency channel to boost your WiFi speed. You will have to log into your router’s admin panel for that, which can seem like a very technical task. However, the previous link offers plenty of guidance, and it’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Talking about routers, switching your hardware would be the next and potentially powerful option. A router is the device that turns your broadband connection into a WiFi signal and is pretty much responsible for a stable or spotty signal.

Ideally, opt for a router that offers a strong signal over distance (i.e., 5GHz) and includes traffic management and QoS features. This will ensure that your WiFi signal is stable even when the entire household uses their devices or you try to play slots online while watching a Netflix series.

Remember that a slower but stable connection almost always beats a fast but unstable connection.

What About Computer Hardware?

As mentioned earlier, if you have a laptop, smartphone, or computer that is reasonably new, there is probably little to worry about. The vast majority of online casino games don’t have high hardware requirements.

Most processors and entry-level graphic cards will be sufficient to render online slots, and since you’re going to play in-browser, you don’t even have to worry about space on your hard drive. The only thing worth investing in is RAM.

Casino sites won’t ask for 16GB of RAM as their video slots (and other games) run perfectly fine on 4GB. However, if you tend to keep multiple tabs open or do other stuff while playing games, we recommend choosing a device with at least 8GB of RAM. Modern browsers such as Chrome or Firefox are increasingly resource-hungry, and using only 4 Gigabyte of RAM might give you some lagging at times.

In a nutshell, though, computer and mobile hardware are the least of your worries. If you can ensure a stable WiFi signal, you’ll be all set for a stellar online slots experience.

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