What are People Doing On TikTok?

TikTok is doing very well for a platform that has only been around for half a decade and has just moved into a competitive market. Since the beginning of 2022, the social media platform has amassed tremendous numbers, with a billion active members every month. The sensational app’s origin can be traced back to China when Bytendance, a Chinese startup, founded Douyin, a video-sharing social network, in 2016. The international version of the app, dubbed TikTok, was later released in 2017. It has quickly grown in popularity, particularly among Generation Z and Millenials. Today, it has over 3 billion downloads and is the fastest-growing social networking app with the longest engagement time. TikTok’s main appeal is the variety of content categories it provides its users. On the platform, it’s nearly impossible to get bored. Among its most popular categories are:


The TikTok entertainment category is like a big box of mixed chocolates; you never know what interesting video clip you’ll encounter next in the varied category. It is the most popular TikTok category as the social networking platform is best known for elevating people’s spirits with a wealth of funny material. TikTok content is presented as user-friendly and customizable, making it simple to narrow down to each user’s primary interests. By 2020, the entertainment category had accumulated over 535 billion hashtag views in skits, comedy, duets, special effects, magic, and more. People have been paying more attention to their hobbies in the latest trends. Some influencers have taken advantage of this by making tutorials and live videos about different funtime activities. An excellent example is the viral iGaming content, particularly online casino gaming content on TikTok. As the digital age changes most businesses, professional online gaming has become profitable. There are now thousands of platforms where you can play games for real money. TikTok has specialized specialty content in entertainment niches like these.


TikTok’s dance category had over 479 billion hashtag views. Dance skits are probably the DNA of TikTok content, and with the platform’s highly customizable features, anyone can join in on any hot dance fad. You can be your cheerleader in the upcoming social media dance trend with the sound clip feature integrated into the short format videos. Not all dancing videos are fascinating; it’s a bit hit-or-miss, but that’s the beauty of a platform like TikTok; both professional dancers and those of us with two left feet are equally appreciated. You will never run out of hilarious content in this category. Some of the recent record-breaking trends in this category include the TikTokDance hashtag, with over 14.4 billion views, the 2021 flashmob dance, which received over 44.1 million views, and the 2021 “Unwritten Remix” dance trend by @Rony boyy which received over 44.1 million views.

TikTok Pranks

Pranks used to be a funny trend, but when they were done too much on social networking sites, they stopped being interesting to most people. TikTok gave fresh life to pranks by using short clips that were relatable to the majority of online users. Pranks were the third most popular category on the platform as of July 2020, with new and creative TikTok prank concepts dominating social media. TikTok pranks offer a more captivating approach that allows audiences to participate in an infinite parade of pranks, in contrast to the monotonous pranks centered on specific personalities on prominent social platforms such as YouTube. It’s no surprise that the pranks category comes in third with over 79 billion hashtag views.

Sports and Fitness Videos

The fitness category has performed exceptionally well on TikTok, with over 238 billion hashtag views. There are no typical 30-minute or one-hour fitness tutorials on the platform. On the contrary, you will interact with real-life athletes and fitness coaches who offer more practical tips and better engage with their followers. You will likely come across fun fitness content like memes, motivational videos, and diet plans. TikTok allows workout professionals and newbies to share their experiences and grow.

DIY Home Renovation Videos 

With better access to social media, it’s much easier for individuals to embark on do-it-yourself projects to improve their living conditions since they can interact with creators and professionals online. According to Statia, the hashtag #homeimprovement has over 8.28 billion views, and the DIY category has recorded over 222 billion views.

Final Thoughts

Beauty and Skin Care, Fashion, Recipes and Cooking, Life Hacks, and Pets closely follow the top five TikTok categories in viewership. The platform is solidifying its position in the highly competitive social media industry, and it is undeniable that it is already changing how people connect online.

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