What are Cricket’s Biggest Betting Events

Cricket is massively popular in the commonwealth nations, especially in India. It has been around for longer than many other sports as well, dating back to 1869. The sport has grown rich traditions, big events, and millions of loyal followers. The world cricket calendar is vibrant with closely followed sporting events. These events are the height of cricket prestige. They attract fans from all over the world, and massive cricket betting by fans rooting for their teams and players. Here are the cricket events that attract millions of wagers.

The ICC Cricket World Cup

The cricket World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious, even in the world of cricket. Every cricket player wishes to play in one, and every country wishes to host it. It is held every 4 years, the last event being in 2019.  

The last event was in ODI format, with 10 teams playing at least once with each other in a match of 50 overs. The competing teams were Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

There is a women’s Cricket World Cup tournament that has been held every four years since  1973. The next event will be in New Zealand in 2022.

The ICC T20 World Cup

The T20 format has gained popularity because it takes a shorter time and is fast-paced than the other formats. Shot selection and power are everything in this format. It is exciting and has gained favor with younger cricket fans. The 7.5 Kgs trophy has become the second-most revered silverware for cricketers.

The ICC promotes this event, and the first event was held in 2007. It has been held every 5 years. The last event in 2016 had  16 teams. The next is slated for November 2021 in India.

There is a women’s T20 World Cup that is held every two years.  10 teams take part in the event. The next event will be in South Africa in 2022.

The Ashes Series

This cricketing event has defined the great England-Australia cricket rivalry. The first game was played in 1882 in England, and Australia won the event. English cricket was said to have died, cremated, and the ashes spread in Australia. The following year the English captain claimed they were in Australia to reclaim the Ashes, and the name was born. The trophy is called the Ashes Urn. The countries take turns hosting the event. 

Asia Cup

This event brings together all the cricket-playing Asian nations. The first event was in Sharjah, UAE in 1984 and was meant to play every two years. The event is played in the round-robin format. India has been the most successful team in the event with 7 titles. The last event was held in 2018 in the UAE. The next Asia Cup will be in 2021 in Sri Lanka.

The Indian Premier League

With 86 million fans, the IPL is the largest and richest cricket league in the world. The big names of IPL the Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bangalore bring together cricket fans of all backgrounds. The matches between these teams pull in tens of millions of views and millions of wagers.

Australian Tri-Series

This event is played by Australia and other touring teams. This event is named after the sponsor of the time. The latest edition is named the Gillette T20 International Series after Gillette won the naming rights. The series was in the ODI format but switched to the T20 format in the 2017/2018 season. 

These are the events that drive the world of cricket. They attract massive audiences from fans across the globe. They also keep the cricket betting markets alive and interesting year-round.